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Engine Equipment

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The final stage of regulation produced during the engine for the indicator diagrams (normal, expanded, shifted, diagrams, combs, etc.), as well as pressure and temperature of gases, cooling water and oil. Regulation of the workflow is reduced to bringing its operational parameters and characteristics to values recommended by the builder. The parameters are: maximum combustion pressure p g, the pressure in end of compression pc, the average pressure over time pt, mean indicated pressure p c, tr exhaust temperatures in the cylinders, the average temperature of exhaust gases for the exhaust manifold tr.K As a result, management must be received by the nominal engine power, even its distribution in the cylinders and the minimum specific fuel consumption. The values of Pc, Pr, Pt, and pi should be checked: every 100-150 hours of engine operation, but not less once per flight, when it detects malfunction of one or more cylinders (raising or lowering the temperature of exhaust gas or the pressure of blowing air, etc.) after the regulation of fuel equipment replacement injector or fuel pump, , or replacement of parts cpg, the transition to work on a new grade of fuel. The temperature of exhaust gases in the cylinders and the average for the exhaust manifold is measured every hour. Regulation of the engine start with the steady thermal mode and a power equal to 50% of nominal. The difference of temperatures of exhaust gases from individual cylinders in the range 40-50 C is admissible, and regulation on this basis is not required.

Moscow Engineering Plant

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In the process production of air ducts, the following main subgroups of equipment (Operations): 1. Preparatory (storage) operation – Guillotine STD-9A, with the possibility of cutting metal up to 2500 mm and thickness of 4 mm to 6 mm. 2. Process operations (Metal forming) operation: – faltseprokatny machine STD-11019, with the possibility of applying seam connecting the workpiece with the thickness of the metal from 0.55 mm to 1 mm. – Bending rolls MEM-3401, designed to get shells (rolling a sheet into a pipe), the minimum diameter of 160 mm and the thickness of the metal from 0,55 mm to 2 mm and a width of 2500 mm.

– A mechanism for bending the sheet MGL-2000/2500M designed for rectangular ducts (ducts) up to 2000 up to 2500 mm and the thickness of the metal from 0,55 mm to 2 mm. – Faltseosadochnye machines STD-28K and TU-28, with the possibility of angular seaming and seam compound lying on the shell or a rectangular box with The minimum diameter of 100 mm, 160 mm and thickness of the metal from 0.55 mm to 1 mm. Rolls bending MEM-3401 Introducing the bending rollers, which are versatile machine for bending sheet in a cold state. Rollers are bending-rolling of blanks from sheet metal of ferrous, nonferrous metals and alloys, with pre-scrap yield no more than 2500 kg / cm.

Combined Engines

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The combustion products expand in the nozzle and flow into the environment with great speed. The outflow of gases from the nozzle is the cause of jet engine thrust. Positive feature of jet engines should be considered that the reactive thrust them almost independent of the speed of installation, and the power of its speed increases with the air entering the engine, ie, with increasing speed. This property used in the application of turbojet engines in aviation. The main disadvantages of jet engines – a relatively low cost and relatively short lifespan.

Composite engine Internal combustion engines are called, consisting of reciprocating parts and multiple compression and expansion machines (or devices), as well as devices for the supply and removal of heat, combined with each other common working body. As part of the combined piston engine uses piston internal combustion engine. The energy in this setting is passed to the consumer side of the piston shaft, the shaft or other expansion engine, or both shafts simultaneously. The number of compression and expansion machines, their styles and designs, their connection with the piston part and each defined purpose of the combined engine and its scheme and operating conditions. The most compact and economical engines are combined, in which the continued expansion of the exhaust gas piston parts is carried out in a gas turbine, and the preload fresh charge is made in a centrifugal or axial flow compressor (the latter has not yet received a distribution), and the power of the consumer is usually transmitted through the crankshaft of the piston. Piston engine and gas turbine in the combined engine successfully complement each other: the first is most effective when mechanical work is converted heat small volumes of gas at high pressure, and the second best used heat large volumes of gas at low pressure. Combined (MARINE) consists of a piston part, which is used as a piston internal combustion engine, gas turbine and compressor. Exhaust gases after the piston engine having a still higher temperature and pressure, results in rotation of the impeller blades of a gas turbine, which transmits the torque of the compressor.

Compressor sucks in air from the atmosphere and under a certain pressure pumps it into the cylinder piston engine. Increased filling cylinder air by raising the pressure at the inlet is called supercharging. When pressurization air density increases and, consequently, the fresh charge of filling the cylinder at intake, compared with a charge of air in the same naturally aspirated engines. The combustion of fuel introduced into the cylinder is required certain mass of air (for the complete combustion of 1 kg of liquid fuel theoretically need about 15 kg of air). Therefore, the more air goes into the cylinder, the more fuel you can burn it, ie, get more power. The main advantages of the combined engine – small volume and mass per I kW, as well as high cost, often exceeding the cost conventional piston engine. Most economical piston, and combined internal combustion engines are widely used in transportation and stationary power. They have a fairly long life, relatively small dimensions and weight, high efficiency, their characteristics are in good agreement with the characteristics of the consumer. The main disadvantage of engines to be considered reciprocating piston associated with the presence of crank mechanism, complicates the design and limiting the possibility of increasing the speed, especially when large size of the engine. Source: ship supplies.

Engine Concentration

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Her analysis gives an indication of the ratio of fuel-air mixture, and thus could help in setting up the carburetor. In the "primordial" gas analyzers used by the effect of changes in the electrical platinum coil in an environment of carbon monoxide. To the 70 th year, when the island was a question of control of emissions of vehicles, the level of technological development has allowed a more qualitative, two-component devices. They measured further concentration of another malware component – hc (unburned hydrocarbon particles that make up the fuel). By the way, the content of hydrocarbons (as well as oxides of nitrogen) is not determined as a percentage, as all other gaseous components, and ppm – the number of parts per million. In addition, we used a different, more accurate method of determining the concentration – spectrometry exhaust gases in the infrared range.

This same principle applies in modern analyzers. Further improvement of the gas analyzers was defined as ever stricter control of the toxicity and increasing demands to the device as a diagnostic tool. How else to explain the appearance of three-component gas analyzers, additionally allows to measure the concentration of carbon dioxide CO2, safe gas without color and odor, a natural product of combustion of hydrocarbons? Information about it does nothing, in terms of identifying hazards emissions. But is valuable for diagnosis, because it allows indirect information about the completeness of fuel combustion, even if the engine is equipped with catalytic converter exhaust. By the way, the equipment exhaust systems car catalytic converter has given considerable impetus to the development of devices gas analysis.

Large Solar Thermal Systems

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Next generation – supply technology with solar thermal just now is even more important to optimize the concept of solar thermal systems, technically even without State funding for the additional investment in the solar components is an economy. Anyway, again rising energy prices provide an increased demand. The offering looks eagerly to Berlin: still early March had the Federal Environment Ministry reported a record funding for renewable energies in the heating sector and prospect “In the year 2010 the promotion will continue continuously.” No two weeks later laid down the market incentive program of the ACFA with a budget freeze financial leaders and an end to the blockade is not forthcoming. This has concrete implications for projects with solar panels on buildings. It is now useful to plan more than 40 m m of collector area, to leave the jurisdiction of the BAFA and to benefit from the KfW programme renewable energies. This has yet about funding. The Haus der Technik turns it right now with the seminar “Large solar thermal systems for residential buildings” to planners, operators and managers of solar thermal systems. Participants will receive detailed expert knowledge and practical experience for the planning of large collector areas and of suitable systems for solar homes and apartment buildings.

Part of the seminar programme is also an overview of the current eligibility requirements. Solarthermieprojekte be realized with an effective and economic planning despite difficult market conditions, successful and beneficial. “Large solar thermal systems for residential buildings” will take place on June 28, 2010 in the Haus der Technik in Munich. For details and registration see:../W-H130-06-038-0.html


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