Harro Fullgrabe

Even the strict instructions for MiG-23 flights for the ground crew hanging still faithfully on the walls. As NVA alarm scenarios. Fly a Jet in Germany is available and yet with a former pilot of the air force, which has thousands of flight hours as a pilot of the MiG-29 fulcrum, and Aero L-39 pilot for the first time in this form. He was also a pack leader and has flown the L-39 Albatros at airshows in an Aero Batik team. Peenemunde is certainly that, thanks to the low air traffic, low level flights directly over the airfield can occur during the fighter jet flight. Very attractive, this makes the fighter jet experience not only for the fellow airmen, but also for the spectators. Jet aerobatic maneuvers such as rolls, loop, Immelmann or split-S be flown directly over the heads of the audience – while the fighter jet passenger gets to feel the tremendous G-forces. Extremely low pass – mind your head! As one of the first, he had to fly with Jet Pro 7 reporter and presenter Harro Fullgrabe the possibility in the L-39 Albatros.

His fighter jet – flight within the framework of a Galileo post on Pro 7 asked a lot from him. Apparently the flight liked but him: just awesome as a flight in the fighter! Now I am but totally exhausted. My respect for fighter pilots has become much larger.” Harro Fullgrabe was in Peenemunde so exhausted that he could get little from the earlier military jet after his fighter jet flight. Galileo has the Jet flight in the L-39 Albatros fighter therefore as the best gift rated first place from Pro 7 is the operator of the fighter jets of course proud. Actually, the fighter jet flights be booked more often as a gift for the man. However, the Jet flights at MiGFlug not only as a very extraordinary man gift be purchased, but even as a unique gift to the dearest woman. And – strangely enough – women buy a fighter jet flight for yourself more often. jet-fluege/jets/l-39-albatros.html jet-fluege/angebote/l-39-albatros-in-deutschland.html