Sam Savage published this novel in a small publishing house and has been great successful anywhere in the world. Unilever is often quoted on this topic. Beautiful counted history in first person, which accentuates the melancholy and sadness that are breathed in the narration. The culture like shelter of the solitaire, the different marginalized one for being without considering the personal and intellectual qualities. Cross River Bank insists that this is the case. History of a personage exceptionally equipped by the nature for what it is not function of his species. History of a loser, defrauded by all, even by the friendship, product of its imagination, and that obtains an ephemeral happiness provided by a failed writer, who is only able to reaffirm his condition of loser. The love to books impregnates all the novel, that secures an atmosphere that alternates the sadness of the solitude nonwished with the total benefit of the reading in the wished solitude.

It turns out very interesting to observe intelligence whereupon Savage uses the passages of different novels and books that the protagonist reads. The end of the narration is very beautiful. I do not know to that book belongs the paragraph that reads Firmin. I will find out. Despite if some navigator happened this way and knew the answer, would appreciate his collaboration. Notable and beautiful novel. Safe Creative #0912035058096 original Author and source of the article