Today Facebook is the social network that has greater authority within its competence and which handles more traffic of users. Cross River Bank is likely to increase your knowledge. This tempts the majority of people who try to do business on the Internet, since it is easier to use the traffic on these networks to carry them to your site, no? In this article I would like to give you some advice or tips that can help you increase the amount of fans or followers of these pages or groups, if you think that I omit any important can leave it in the comments at the end of post, overall this is for everyone and the idea is to share. There is enough for everyone can grow! Pages or groups that are most successful or that have a large volume of fans are those with titles are flashy, fun and creative. I pass some examples: 5 minutes y me levanto the night Beach to that when we arrived late go inventing the excuse in A way what I mean with these examples, that if your have a brand name e.g.: car wash (clean all kinds of cars in your area) would be a mistake to call it that way, get more fans by placing some the company motto or phrase that generates curiosity or the attention for ej: for those who never washed his car who does not hate washing the car we wash the car while you rest there are many pages of fans and groups, in fact are still created hundreds of them every day, I do not want to liefew also achieved popular success. I’m going to mention some personal experiences and people that has shared them on the Internet. 1 Where it says suggest this page to my friends invitarias to all your contacts and you could ask your closest contacts to do us the favor of inviting your friends to become a fan of our page.