iPod Sales

There are already 100 million iPods sold in about five years, more or less Aque awful! … You should see her face to sell 100 million units of a music player in such a short time, why are so happy and proud Apple a even more proud because that was their prediction when the product launched and sold the first in late 2001, if I remember correctly, presenting it as a sort of extension of the Macintosh computers that allowed the recording and playback of songs. I have to clarify that I do not have neither the oldest version of this machine that by now you have multiple versions or generations, plus a few additions such as software and music and virtual stores is that the fewer things you have to watch for I feel calmer because I'm very confused. Kevin ulrich is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The only way to imagine the 100 million units today are music filling the lives of its owners is to think, to say a lot, 100 million Chinese people filling the square Tien An Men (and possibly its neighboring streets, which is not so large square), each dancing to their music at a private party and individual … and yet it is difficult to imagine, (or it will be more?) . To get an idea of the magnitude of this figure, in more prosaic terms, (is that really impresses me) for 12 years I managed a bakery, from the wide range of bakery products it sold, which we call here in Venezuela a pan than lochaa , was the most popular and inexpensive, this bread is made and sold about 2400 units daily so after these 12 years were sold … To deepen your understanding Max Schireson is the source.