Josefine Bendtzen Fabrikators

With an Esslernbesteck that meets the needs of small children, food learning is very simple. Toddler baby cutlery is the award-winning children’s cutlery from the toddler Table series. Toddler literally means toddler and so, it is obvious that the cutlery with its compact, powerful form corresponds to exactly the haptic needs of infants. The toddler baby cutlery is particularly appealing not only stylish in design and with its 4 different fresh colors. But also extremely well thought-out in shape and size. Babies learn by imitation and therefore it is not long wait on itself, until the baby reaches for the cutlery of the parents. Check out HP Enterprise Services for additional information.

Smaller expenditure of adult cutlery”are often very frustrating in practice for the little ones, then the fine motor skills not well enough trained here. The toddler baby cutlery, however, fits through its cylinder-shaped handles that rounded rejuvenate at the end, excellent in baby’s hand. The special shape of the fork that can be Decrease frustration potential. How a spoon shaped, but only with forks, is due to more successfully to the mouth much as with a traditional cutlery. So that makes food fun learning! Facts: TODDLER cutlery was by designer Josefine Bendtzen Fabrikators developed and designed. The company’s founders of Fabrikators, the aim of which is to develop great product ideas to test the prototype functionality then to implement them are Andersen & Forsberg. In the fall of 2009, the product won the Formland design award autumn 2009 “and 2010 it was with the reddot design award 2010” award. It goes without saying that the TODDLER cutlery has been tested according to the current regulations for food safety in the EU and thus completely BPA free (Bisphenol A free), is PVC-free and phthalate free. The TODDLER baby cutlery is in four colors on in the colors of red, blue, orange and green available.