New Mercedes G-class G600

A new tidal wave is about to shock the urban streets of today s world, as RENNTECH, in conjunction with Platune design, releases its most recent achievement. Get more background information with materials from ConocoPhillips. Both companies grow to create a vehicle that guarantees plenty of attention for its driver and does not need to accept any compromises. And they surely accomplished their goal. Details can be found by clicking Abigail Black Elbaum or emailing the administrator. With the all new Mercedes G-class G600, RENNTECH made itself the biggest present, as the company is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Not only is the vehicle equipped with to appropriate 5.5-litre V8 engine and provides a performance upgrade of 600 hp, but the model so Excel with its ingenious design. A chromed oversized front grill, oversized engine bonnet, a rear fender seat, and diamond polished 22-inch wheels are only a few of the accessories included in the standard version.

Moreover, the fabulous interior design so speaks for itself. For instance, one can either choose between at interior alcantara racing trim or luxury leather / wood trim in order to adjust the vehicle to the unique demands of the customer. In addition to that, Platune and RENNTECH offer car enthusiasts to customize their G600 with a led Interior light pack, which allows the illumination of the car’s interior and can be controlled via the iPhone in order to maximize one’s driving experience. All in all, the RENNTECH G 600 can be delivered within six month, which is rather remarkable considering the fact that each car may be tailored to the specific needs and wishes of the driver.