Porsche LCMS

Visit FKC on the Swiss professional learning of the 13th 14th April 2010 in Zurich minimum cost maximum learning success! E-learning is now one of the integral components of occupational education and training. The process of creating high-quality tutorials provides those responsible on the customer side but often personal and temporal challenges. An efficient tool of production makes a significant contribution to conserving resources. Avoid delays or project crashes! Implement Advanced E-learning projects with ease! The FKC Nomoweb LCMS economically, quality assured and multilingual creates and manages E-learning content. The LCMS all stakeholders helps create and maintain extensive WBTs through effective mechanisms for the rationalisation and automation. It is also excellent for use in multilingual productions. On the Swiss professional learning, you can convince yourself of our offer. The lecture gives an insight into our work of our “Managing Director Guy Fischer E-learning solution: modern, system-based and efficient production” in the practice Forum on April 14th, 2010 at 16:20.

He shows how with the FKC Nomoweb LCMS extensive WBT projects conserving and quickly produced. FKC has implemented more than 300 projects with the FKC LCMS Nomoweb. Customers include among other things the leading gas and engineering company Linde Group, Siemens AG, as well as the automakers Porsche and BMW. At our fair stand K08 we inform you personally about our services. If you want to make an appointment beforehand, to contact Mr Richard Schuberth number 0049 (0) 89-95 84 34 89 or by E-Mail: