Rhine Metropolis Dusseldorf

Tips from the escort Dusseldorf of GmbH to selection by first tips and encouragement for the wet cold season the city Dusseldorf has a long, rich history. Its roots go back over 700 years. At the end of the 13th century Dusseldorf has been awarded its town rights. As in many German towns, there was at that time only a main road, a few houses and a church. More specifically, it was the Lambertuskirche. The atmosphere of the town has been preserved until today approximately to the Church. The Tower of the Church of Dusseldorf is way wrong.

So, the leaning tower of Pisa is not necessarily the only broken structure in the world. After Dusseldorf transformed itself more and more to the city. An important factor for the development of the metropolis was the fact that the Duchy of Berg the city to the made their preferred residence. Quickly, the Dukes at the mouth of the Dusseldorf built a castle. The last vestige of this monument is the Castle Square Tower. Today, the tower houses the Maritime Museum.

The rest of the Castle 1872 fell victim to a fire. The Dusseldorf old town tradition and modern eyes on at the sightseeing tour. Who is one of the attentive contemporaries, finds plenty of examples of great monuments in the old town of Dusseldorf. The Government of the city tried the architectural heritage of the city, which is threatened by destruction and sometimes reckless town planning, to maintain here. Of course, the also for the Dusseldorf is an important issue. Take time to be sure and go on a journey of discovery. The over 200-year history of the city of Charlemagne has some aces up its sleeve. Also, the old town is considered as the place with the most life in the city. Good discussions go here before the pure satisfaction of needs. The ambience is soothing, but it never gets tired. Also for the Dusseldorf time matters little here. “Playful and crazy architecture: the Gehry buildings the media and Art Center Rheinhafen lies directly on the banks of the Rhine from Dusseldorf” by American architect Gehry. The building is divided into three varied parts. Rather, it is art as a living object. You can find so much beauty and grace only when the escort Dusseldorf. The relating element between the houses is a reflecting material. The material provides an effect-rich staging of the remaining parts of the building. Viewed from afar an impressive game of colours and shapes offers to the viewers. The longest bar and counter in the world not only since a Dusseldorf punk band has sung the tavern landscape of Dusseldorf, the Dusseldorf old town is known. Throughout Germany appreciated the quality of over 250 pubs, bars and restaurants of Dusseldorf. Also as a customer find the escort service Dusseldorf something according to your taste. by: Peter Munois, first selection