Switzerland Handypay

New micropayment GmbH the media landscape is changing. This is particularly evident in the area of the publishers felt, offered more and more content of traditional print media, particularly those that attract a younger clientele, also via electronic distribution channels. As the first full service payment service provider (PSP), the micropayment GmbH responds to this trend and offers with Handypay\”a payment system that allows you to pay by SMS procedures for subscriptions. Cell phones are today no longer only to make phone calls, but take over the tasks of a mobile office or PCs – especially since the introduction of the iPhone – more and more. What so obvious to settle as the payment of Internet services also via mobile phone. At this point the Handypay sets \”micropayment’s solution. The payment method Handypay was specially designed for the location according to the FST (voluntary self control phone value added services e.V.) in collaboration with the mobile radio providers and However, anonymous payment developed and established itself through these positive properties.

For this, special contracts were concluded between the micropayment GmbH and the operators. About Handypay 0.49 Euro transactions can be settled to 9.99 Euros on all providers of Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The new variant Handypay subscription\”is interesting for all content providers, which are distributed through subscriptions. Let himself between 0.49 euros and 4.99 Euro per booking offered subscription payments, which can be settled in booking cycles of 7, 14 or 30 days. The consumer needs only his mobile phone number in the payment issued (provider is determined automatically) and receives a unique and non-manipulable TAN via SMS text messages on your mobile phone then free of charge.

With this, he gains access to digital content. The billable amount will be charged through his mobile phone provider with their next Bill. Ensures micropayments as first supplier with a customer Center for the full transparency of the booking process.