Free SMS Sending?

Free SMS provider for some time to dive again, a penny, but free does not equal free. First, a word about a number of dubious offers that attempt to exploit the carelessness of the customer, they offer paid subscriptions to enormous prices they masquerade as “free” or “lottery”. So be in the publication of his data and the blind acceptance of swollen Service warned that it is not itself a victim of these cheaters. Better, but not really great, these providers offer free SMS are indeed truly free, in which the user must take care, however, almost in front of the “advertising floods. For what good is it to save a text message and is a two minutes watching any annoying ads or what good is an an SMS with 120 characters? Providers are only shipping to Germany or not allow the foreign help, precious little when sending an SMS to pay his foreign friends, since it is in text messages to foreign countries to the free send earnest. Another important aspect is to ensure the delivery of the SMS should immediately and without restrictions to be available, ie, the notification should not be required. Then one is also sure that the offer is really free, because you have nowhere to his data. is one of the last vendor that will fulfill all these criteria fairly. The rapid transit without registration with full 160 characters per message speaks for itself. But that is not enough, of course, the Free SMS will be sent worldwide and are available without registration.