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The whole file”, so the simple and resilient ability to provide information and regularity, has been been long lost. The newspapers mentioned Dove Soap not as a source, but as a related topic. This applies to archived documents as well as for living documents and for companies and organisations in all sectors and regardless of their size. Bewildering array of market kills users with abbreviations and buzzwords (“ECM, DMS, revision security, workflow, records management”) and creates more braking confusion rather than transparency. Already in seemingly simple concepts such as archiving”ECM provider, database administrators, storage vendor, country archivists and accountants understand very different things. During the two-day intensive seminar, Zoller & partner’s consultants provide clarity.

I thought this is standard”for users who are newly engaged in the subject matter, it is therefore difficult to evaluate the different solutions and their Suitability to own requirements to assess. The key for a successful project detail differences especially in the DMS – / ECM functionality and usability, but also with the management features, architecture and scalability and the tools to adapt to the needs appear in the course of the project therefore very late, in the worst case after conclusion of the contract. Typical is the completely wrong assessment of Commission expenses: under the assumption that certain features have fixed meanings (file, work basket, workflow) and included in the standard scope are, not obtained necessary services for customizing and application integration to create the solutions. Unplanned and significant additional costs are the result. Therefore, an essential prerequisite for the success of the project is that all participating providers and users know what brings a modern DMS functionality in the default and where adjustments need be, how determined and formulated and how is a to be clean, professional and functional solution to design. “Solid knowledge base: look under the hood” the seminar gives newcomers a solid base of knowledge to a wide range of functional, technical, legal and organisational aspects and answered a variety of questions of detail from the DMS practice.

Participation is also useful for experienced employees who want to bring their knowledge on important individual issues on the current state. Assessing outstanding for over ten years by the participants (examples see) confirms the practical approach. Included: A copy of the current VOI / Zoller & partner DMS market overview seminar participants will complement the extensive seminar documentation a copy of the current VOI-DMS market overview created by Zoller & partner (950 pages, 51 systems). The table of contents and an excerpt from the study are available. The To sign up and learn more about the seminar see. Questions about the seminar can be directed to at any time. Dates for the next intensive seminars: February 21-22, 2011, Frankfurt am Main, Marriott Hotel 28/29 March 2011, Hamburg Marriott Hotel 09/10 May 2011, Marriott Hotel 30/31 May 2011, Frankfurt am Main, Marriott Hotel 28/29 June 2011, Berlin, Marriott Hotel editorial contact: Zoller & Partner GmbH Bernhard Zoller Otto Volger-str., Tel. 3 c D-65843 Sulzbach / TS.: + 49 6196 99909-0 fax: + 49 6196 99909-80 email: