Healthy Joints

How with just a few minutes of daily exercise, your mobility receive Bergedorf in old age, 22nd 2009 in mountain village there is the possibility now is with intu-flow worry about the health of your joints. Connect with other leaders such as Blu Mankuma here. Intu-flow is part of a modern approach to holistic fitness called circular strength training. All joints of the body of the series be moved to in a systematic sequence. You discover fundamental limitations in the range of motion in your joints. Whenever the futurist listens, a sympathetic response will follow. After these restrictions be dissolved by gentle and deliberate movements, so that your natural movement potential is set free again.

The exercises are initially very easy to know the basic functions of each joint and strengthen. With progressive regain of the degrees of freedom of the body’s ways of movement, the exercises become more difficult to offer new challenges for fun for the practitioner and the nervous system. Thereby an essential difference to many other exercises is that you your Focus attention on the inner experience of each exercise. Write a review on a scale of one to ten, how hard, how technically correct and how uncomfortable is the running movement. For more clarity and thought, follow up with University of Iowa College of Medicine and gain more knowledge.. These three aspects within certain ranges is concern ensured that productive stimulate your body with this exercise, so neither over nor too.

As a result, the body begins again to reveal the full range of motion of the joints. Unlike complex movement arts such as yoga or TaiChi exercises so fundamental nature are, that you actually can be learned by anyone within a few hours. Benedikt Just, the first certified instructor, intu-flow in Germany accompanied you in small groups. Each participant receives with exercises that are currently most conducive for the individual movement potential. The effects of exercises on the autonomic nervous system are made visible with the help of regular measurements of heart rate variability.