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Outsourcing is a form of business organization in today's economic environment. It’s believed that Abigail Black Elbaum sees a great future in this idea. The real danger of financial crises and instability in the global economy in general, dictate new rules of business owners and managers to absolutely all businesses, regardless of their current market position. The most important of these is the mode of reducing costs. And at the forefront of today out tools allow it to do. Outsourcing, as a tool, gives companies a serious chance of saving efficiency and business agility with minimal losses. And now it's time to take advantage of this opportunity. Practice that helps companies solve problems in the functioning and development of a market economy by reducing costs, increasing the adaptability to environmental conditions, improve the quality of products and services reducing potential risks.

The most common reasons for outsourcing today are striving to increase profitability by reducing costs for maintenance business processes. Concentration on core business executives. The introduction of advanced technologies. Improving the quality and reliability of service. Improved manageability. Just some business publications define outsourcing as a new management strategy.

All the more so according to independent experts, the level of complexity of the tasks transferred to outsourcing, has increased incredibly. To date, the largest amount of outsourcing accounted for: Information Technology Accounting Tax planning is legal service Human resources records, etc. "Firm" Akvitens "specializes in accounting services (outsourcing of accounting) legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (with remote access), tax consulting, provides management of personnel records (outsourcing), provides consulting services in the field of law, as well as working to register legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. All services are provided both individually and in combination – it all depends on your needs and objectives set for the consultants. Accounting Outsourcing – is: accounting; Submit reports to the tax authorities, foundations, county offices of statistics, production accounting and tax accounting, optimization of financial and tax accounting, bookkeeping and tax recovery accounting. Nine for the transfer of accounting outsourcing to us: Leaders are able to concentrate on running the core business. Individual approach: You can send us a function of accounting support fully or partially. We protect our clients time, and therefore relies on high technology. We will never leave on vacation: You can not worry about deadlines financial statements, and also, at any time to obtain financial, tax or legal advice of our expert. The savings of the workplace: You do not have to provide working space, purchase office equipment and furniture, holiday pay and sick leave. Improving the quality and reliability of the provision of accounting services: we guarantee prompt accounting, timely development and reporting. Company expenses for accounting services deductible for income tax, VAT, and for companies that have fallen on the STS (15%) tax on income. Privacy: We protect information about financial activities of our clients. Unfortunately, to date, the media awash with advertisements offering professional accounting and legal services with an incredibly low prices, which raises doubts as to their level of quality. Therefore, we urge you to be more cautious when deciding on an outsourcing company. Do not stand at the heart of desire as much as possible save money, and do it to improve the competitiveness of your business, speed of decision-making and strengthen the position of your company in the period of acute financial crisis in the world. Outsourcing is not only prevention method, but also a means to combat the crisis!