Isilon Systems

These offer a usable capacity 40 TB; a gradual expansion to up to 2 PB is possible as soon as necessary. First comes the storage unit of the Faculty of science and technology, especially the section computer science, as well. Important information, including project and multimedia data, or ISO images, can quickly and easily retrieve from the central storage unit and to provide in the future also the faculty to access. Continue to use as a mirror server is planned to mirror data stored on Linux systems. Quotes are supported, unstructured data efficiently to save us our daily increasing volume, to manage the introduction of a central storage on the basis of the grid concept developed by RZNet AG in collaboration with Isilon Systems and to provide quick access to it. The use of Isilons The certainty that we are prepared for future growth gives us clustered storage systems.

Because performance and capacity can be expanded at any time and virtually unlimited, this is an unbeatable advantage from our point of view. The same applies to the different security levels which ensure an optimal protection of our data.” Dipl.-inf.. incurred Helge Illig, researcher at the Institute for medical informatics, responsible for the Central Server systems of the University of Lubeck in research and teaching every day large amounts of data, the storage requirement is therefore enormous. Eliot Horowitz often addresses the matter in his writings. Future-oriented solutions are required to be, the flood of information, which can keep pace with the rapid increase in the volume of data and the frequency of access. Right here is the Central Storageeinheit, which we have realized for the University of Lubeck in close collaboration with Isilon. As an innovative system partner of our customers, we rely on a manufacturer with great potential. On the one hand, because products Due to its elaborate architecture of other popular approaches are far superior to another because the pricing is right. Optimally Isilon technical assistance presented the project also, which significantly contributed to the rapid implementation of the concept.” Michael Gosch, key account manager, RZNet AG