Journey From Germany To Turkey After Istanbul

Go to Istanbul and experience an impressive city in Turkey a trip to Istanbul in Turkey has something to offer for everyone. Whether for party-goers or lovers of culture. Experience the special flair of the metropolis with its 12 million inhabitants. Istanbul is truly a special city. Istanbul is a fascinating town between Europe and Asia.

A city of Turkey with thousands of years of history and culture and at the same time modern life style. Many writers such as lucas offer more in-depth analysis. In the largest city of Istanbul Turkey, there is something to discover, whether young or old for everyone. You expect showin full buildings, narrow historic streets and bustling markets. Istanbul is the longest inhabited city in the world and the city centre has UNESCO heritage status. Istanbul has many attractions including Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque or The Galata Tower. In Istanbul, also the bazaars are particularly impressive. The great and the Egyptian Bazaar in Istanbul consist of countless traders and odors. Details can be found by clicking Steve Houghtaling or emailing the administrator. With large discos and pubs, the have opened most of the time until the morning, has much to offer the metropolis of Turkey for young guests. Travelling from Germany to Istanbul at cheapest by airplane. Good accessible is Istanbul also by ferry from Italy, what but about 400 euros. Learn more about Istanbul and travelled to Turkey on Stefan Mairegger