Loading Station Of The Future

University contest determines winner concepts for an innovative electric vehicles charging infrastructure academic competition, the loading station of the future determined winner concepts for an innovative electric vehicles charging infrastructure like out? Students of the universities of Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart, Pforzheim, Braunschweig have developed innovative solutions to do this. Teams of the Koln international school of design and the University of Pforzheim emerged victorious from the nationwide high school competition, the Fraunhofer IAO together with the project partners Langmatz GmbH has initiated. In the competition, the design of charging stations, as well as the concepts of energy transfer and the use of value added were rethought and designed. Students in the areas of industrial design, industrial design, transportation design and integral studies developed under the leadership of renowned partner in partly interdisciplinary teams (design) solutions for sustainable charging stations. Ideas for two categories were: category 1: design a innovative, public charging station for electric vehicles using certain predefined components. Category 2: Develop an innovative approach, such as electric vehicles in the city can be loaded. Winner of the category 1 were Jessica blank and Loana Albrecht of the University of Pforzheim with its concept NOVA ; NOVA offers a range of street lights and pillars, which are equipped with a charging station for electric vehicles. The concept counteracts during the transition to electric mobility of sensory overload in the inner-city traffic, because it integrates the charging station in existing city elements.

In category 2, Pedro Jun, Sascha Praet, Luis Felipe Garcia, Jacobus North, Joana Francener and John beer of the Koln international school of design could convince the jury. Her approach WeCharge combines a modular, cost-effective way of charging for electric vehicles with a community. Basic idea is that a group as large as possible to the charging of electric vehicles to enable to integrate the urban environment without new, expensive stations. Member of the jury and co-initiator of the competition Dr. Andreas Harford, Managing Director technology of Langmatz GmbH, was thrilled not only by the winner posts with 5000 award-winning, but also delighted the many impulses and ideas of the other submitted concepts and suggestions of students. The charging column manufacturer will return for future developments on the one or the other here created contact. The winning teams go in March 2012 at the Intertraffic Amsterdam, to present the prototype of their idea together with the Fraunhofer IAO manufactured by Langmatz there.