New Technologies

Active development of information technology is not left unattended and the transfer of sound. That Earpiece made impressive achievements in this field. And in truth, very securely settled in our life is miracle of technology. Earpiece is used when performing operational tasks intelligence agent, he finds application among speculators and gamblers, is required for important business negotiations, since it is a small device can be connected party to the plot or tell a partner of poker, which suit the opponent at hand. Earpiece – a device designed to receive a special sound signal, represents a small capsule with radio. Differs from other types of communication that did not after looking closely at human ear, the move can not see the Earpiece. Earpiece – a kind of cheat sheet of the digital age. With exams and tests are actively using it, and students.

Help Earpiece and closer to its goal of entrants – to become a university student. Steve Houghtaling often says this. Principle of operation is simple: profits for the exam, you connect the headset to the phone, put Earpiece in ear, while the second phone will be your accomplice, who, having heard a whisper uttered by ticket numbers, begins to look answers in the textbook, and slowly you to dictate the answers. Well, the exam was put on five. One must also highlight that this gadget is connected a length of about 1, 5 cm to virtually all audio devices: MP3 players, mobile phones, etc. In spite of this, Earpiece inappropriate to use as a substitute for hands free or Bluetooth headset for mobile telephony.

Transmit sound quality due to their small size, this gadget is not capable, in other words, the interlocutor can be heard only in a quiet room. Battery life too low and equal to 4-5 hours, after which they need to change the battery. Soon after the start of the ear begins to hurt, so that for ease of use Earpiece loses normal headset. Vary and the price of this interesting gizmos and habitual Bluetooth headsets: the minimum value of the micro will be about 150 ye, at the time as "golubozuby" assistant – in 2 times cheaper.