Our Ideal Image Of Ourselves – Rainer Sauer/Deushomo

As long as we live in an attempt to be our ideal, we are not likely able to encounter our true self. As long as we are not completely ready to be unreservedly, but this honestly considered or there is often a significant proportion of our experienced and self created reality, and to speak in the real world we are still inevitably always still zumindest with a foot in the land of illusions. In this illusionary world we all have an ideal image of us. We have all without exception on this unreal level a concrete idea as to how we be have to how we have to look, so a clear picture, we have to meet the criteria, to get the long-awaited and long-missing love. Because we more or less dropped out from the Unit necessarily lack of relative love experience, the conscious experience of the universal single confinement, we experience our environment our needs, our needs to not satisfying equipped. In other words, we get not immediately after we us SEHNEN and demand, because this just corresponds to the earthly circumstances. Many writers such as Catalyst offer more in-depth analysis. There are then various forces, which most work are. We do not receive the desired for example one, because our claims of absolute nature and not to meet them, and on the other hand, because the actually attainable only on the way of our Bewusstwerdung of ourselves can be quenched.

Of course, this is a simplification, which is actually much more complex joins. Then the following happens: we speculate, of course not at the level of reason, to the baby, the infant is yes even unable, but on a kind of emotional level, that in us the cause for not receiving the desired, with us something is wrong, what triggers this phenomenon. Undoubtedly immature and childish logical inference is thus: we get what we don’t want, because we apparently something is wrong.