Rijeka, The Croatian Port City

Rijeka is a port city in Croatia. It is located in the north of the Kvarner Bay and the River "Rjeina", which flows into the Adriatic Sea where intersected. The city is the third largest in Croatia and the cultural metropolis of the Kvarner country. Rijaka can look back on a story. Even in the Stone Age, there were the first settlements. The Illyrians built the city and the port as a haunt of pirates and were expelled by the Romans in 180 BC. On the castle hill, the Trsat you can still see remnants of the Roman settlement, z B, a Roman gate, ruins of the Baths and the city wall.

Rijeka since 1465 belonged to the Habsburg Empire and became one of the biggest rival of Venice. After Rijeka at the beginning of the 20th Century belonged to Italy, it was awarded to Yugoslavia in 1947. Due to the rich history of the city there are many attractions to visit. The City Tower, the Church of Saint Vitus and the cathedral are just a few. The waterfront is also looking at the magnificent facades of the old town possible.

The best views of the Adriatic Sea with its many islands and Istria with Ucka – Mountains has it but on Trsat, an elevation of 135 meters. Here is the ancient shrine of Mother Mary. The statue dates back to the 14th century and in the cloisters at 32 frames you understand the life of Mary. To the church and the monastery a staircase of 561 steps leads. As one of the most important cultural events of the carnival is in Rijeka. It starts 10 days before Ash Wednesday and there are about 120 000 visitors who view the traditional parades or take part in the old customs. Rijeka is Croatia's main port. Ferries connect the city with all major ports in Croatia, moreover, they go to Venice and to the southern Italian mainland. Holger Lentz