He does not advance objective terms of marketing and goals defined for our site, if the visitors do not obtain to find what they want or they do not obtain to execute an important action, will not be capable to fulfill those objectives. A site of easy navigation must follow the following essential principles: 1 – The main menu and the options must accurately appear of consistent form in all the pages and in the same local. 2 – The great pages of the site must have links for the top, so that the users do not need to all cover the way in return until the top to find links of navigation. 3 – Secondary menus, to allow that the users glimpse what they go to find inside of one definitive area. 4 – A Map of the Site must supply a general vision of the structure of the site. 5 – Links of navigation to allow that the users know where (where page) is.

6 – For the great sites, with many information, products or services a box of search (research) of easy is essential access so that the people can find easily what they look for. A box of research of the one value of high usability to the site. It knows that any desenvolvedor web that it does not use a box of research in a great site has an enormous possibility to fail. 7 – To use links of text. If it does not have to use icons because the people need to remember. It is good a practical one to use the words keys that are also the search terms. Spiders (robots) of the search engines cannot read the icons, for another one ' ' gostam' ' much of text. 8 – All links of navigation and contextual must be tested, using tools online, to guarantee that they are functioning correctly, thus bringing the visitors for the correct page.