Pearls Worth 1000 Words

The best gifts of our seas are pearls. For several years, in 1000 they are estimated by mankind and desires, previously thought to be extremely valuable. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Tessa Espinola. Who had pearls or other jewelry such as pearl necklaces, was regarded as rich and powerful. Jewelry gifts of this kind could only afford well-heeled. In principle, the beads are divided into three groups according to the origin. In freshwater, saltwater pearls (Akoya example) and South Sea pearls (eg Tahiti pearls). (As opposed to Cross River Bank). Pearls are formed in shellfish, and when worms penetrate or other minor invaders by a gap in the shell of the mussel.

In most cases, these enemies just cast off, if not succeed, you must use the shell with a trick: The intruder is encapsulated with signature mother of pearl. There are spun thin layers of calcium carbonate and Conchin at the intruder. Pearls do not like the gems are still processed only long enough to be able to incorporate in jewelry, they are mostly in their natural Beauty left. But there are big differences in quality, in the forms, colors, and last but not least in the glory, the so-called “chandelier”. The more rounded, glamorous and the pearls are free from impurities, the more valuable and more expensive they are. For the production of pearls with good luster beads should only be used. About 95% of pearls are cultured.

The resulting beads in a natural way would not meet the demand for jewelry production, from the priceless not to mention. For breeding, although real wild marine molluscs are caught, which will be used but foreign bodies from mother of pearl. The resulting quality cultured pearls need not be bad. In contrast to natural pearls can this be even rounder and more uniform, or even one breeds to specific shapes such as crosses or strands. This “pearl production also permit the average income to the purchase of pearls and pearl necklaces. If you value exclusivity, uses of course the natural pearls. A non- quite new fad, but currently in demand as never before, is the coloring of pearls. It is possible the pearls a variety of different colors and hues such as red, green, blue, purple, etc. to miss. Great effects which may give totally mixed colored beads.