Brokers Price

The reasonable price for brokers is a first for the industry. It pays for itself immediately, for 35 euros a to maintain monthly unlimited objects. Faster than expected from the initiator of Andreas Schneider, the online offer is my for the real estate market and accepted the housing market by real estate agents, landlords and tenants. Without artificial brake, the real estate portal allows for offers from Germany and other countries. Andreas Schneider: “our customers decide how the portal is developed.

Because they like to take advantage of obvious, grows the number of deals continue.”starting from Germany is a multilingual European real estate market. In german and Hungarian, are Spanish, English and Croatian, Portuguese, Ukrainian and Turkish already in preparation at the start. My home21 is represented by fixed offices in Germany and Hungary, the Ukraine, and Romania. My-home21 aims to be present until the year 2011 in all European countries. Be on my home21 Real estate an efficiently maintained. The categories of House, apartment, land, commercial, parking / garage, interest House / flats invite for rent and for sale. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The OpenImmo interface to real estate offices to the broker software facilitates the entering of indefinitely many objects with unlimited images.

Generous free text fields take a detailed description. The environment map and an expose in PDF complete the transparent and detailed presentation of an object. As is Internet database real estate my home21 brokers and private sellers the platform, to present real estate offers all over Europe. My is not a broker and no objects. Andreas Schneider: “the respective providers are responsible for the content of the advertisements. In conjunction with the real estate, the terms and conditions of the provider shall apply. “.” Without intermediate steps contact outreach directly to providers. Either interested parties contact details such as phone, email or address from the respective imprint of a broker or they use the contact form to write to the provider. The reasonable price for brokers is a first for the industry. The long range and the high level of acceptance of my home21 at the in-house raises enthusiasm with the agents: the request density is remarkably high. Ralf Benz, a broker in the greater Munich area: “in many other Immobilenportalen we add at most 2 to 3 objects for 35 euros. We have seen good response, but are we really surprised and really excited, how many questions from interested parties about my at a fraction of the cost. “.” It pays for itself immediately, for 35 euros a to maintain monthly unlimited objects. Company description the sophisticated design of reflects the experience of those involved in the field of Internet programming and managing real estate portals. Two load-bearing success factors characterize the company: the good cooperation with offices in Germany and the neighbouring countries and the close contact with real estate agents. Company contact: my-home21 Uwe Hamm Lindberghstr. 14 70736 Fellbach Tel: 0711 9334 3300 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: public Effect Hans Kolpak said RT 31 52499 Baesweiler Tel: 02401 607 4920 email: Web: publicEffect.