Techno Senegal

Interesting decorative elements complement and refresh any space. Tile Venice. Italian collection in 2007. Nonuniform color matt base tiles of different shades, originally performed by drawing on a decorative tile, plunges us into the atmosphere of old Italy and brings back memories of its extraordinary history. Riviera – ceramic floor Tile is made in a cozy beige.

Enough to put in his house tile Riviera and a long tradition in the area, comes to life in the natural beauty of natural stone, giving the interior atmosphere of the Italian Mediterranean coast. Uffizi – collection is pretty noble colors – rosso, light gray and brown. Basic tile – it's a little background blur that simulates natural stone, but on Decorative, visually antique tiles, we see a pattern, executed in traditional Italian style. Any room floor tile collection of the Uffizi will add elegance and grandeur. Unusual ceramic tile Floor Hermitage Museum – the mosaic of colorful maze of tracks that gather in the center. It is suitable for large and small rooms, and each time allows you to create a cozy and warm home-like interior.

Peru – color and texture of this tile is reminiscent of natural stone. In the illustration decorative spots present motives of ethnic ornaments. Tile of this collection is ideal for large spaces, and in combination with beautiful furniture and a fireplace give an unforgettable flavor to your home. Prado – interesting and unusual shades of ceramic tile copper and tobacco, smooth surface makes it desirable in many interiors. Decorative borders with rectangles of different sizes to help create a beautiful painting on the floor space be signed. Collection of ceramic floor tile series Techno Senegal, Ballad, Eiger and Trento – large plate size 50.2 x50, 2 cm are good for the clearance of free large rooms. The hot hot desert with different shades of sand enters your home with tile Senegal. Even without decoration, a smooth matte surface of the tile – is perfect for any room decoration. Ballad – Bright vivid colors of floor tiles in this collection will add liveliness and playfulness of the room and create a good mood all day. Eiger – the usual classics in an unusual design. When considering the tile surface it seems a little worn and aged under the influence of fleeting time. Decorative borders, decorated with geometric patterns, make a complete and solid overall composition. The discreet charm of naturalness – so you can say about the floor tiles in Trento. The surface of the floor tiles mimics unusual rocks with their rough surface. Harmonically, it will look in the dining room in the main hall, giving the room the elegance and aesthetics.