The Composition Of Perfume

A small introduction to perfumes, as they are placed together perfume is sold while in small vials, but that does not mean that these fragrances is not a highly complex mixture. The expression of perfume “actually refers to all kinds of fragrances, including colognes; However separates the modern terminology between colognes for men and perfume for women. Essentially all scented water by correct perfume composed up to Aftershaves from different fragrance oils, which are diluted with a solvent such as ethanol. A related site: Howard Schultz mentions similar findings. Generally it is mostly ethanol each perfume a blend of essential oils, aromas, Fixativen and a solvent. A perfume is actually very luscious fragrances, but also the most fragrances for women with the exception of the face of water in the category perfume “classified. Continue to learn more with: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger.

Then Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette comes, both with a concentration of 10-15% aromatic fragrances. Eau de Cologne is more diluted, while facial lotion and aftershave have the lowest concentration of aromatic substances. Regardless of scent type perfumes basically consist of three parts, which blend. These parts, which are called also fragrances, are main note, Middle note and base note. Hear other arguments on the topic with George Laughlin. It can take up to 30 minutes after applying the perfume until these notes at different intervals develop their effect. All three parts influence each other. Each perfume contains these three different components, and this includes also the traditional fragrances like floral bouquet, amber, wood, leather, chypre (from French Cyprus”) and fougere, (from French fern” “) with a. Under this classic perfume categories patchouli scent is associated with wood, while tobacco is more associated with leather.

Bergamot, the first lemon scent, a chypreartiger scent, while fougere often on a base of lavender, coumarin and oakmoss is based. These basic types do not exclusively refer to perfumes, but also apply colognes water. The modern perfume industry knows in addition to these classical categories even the types of green, light & floral, watery, lemony, fruity and Gourmand. While some titles such as green “itself by alone explain, we need others a brief explanation.” Light & flowery for example fragrances from the area combines floral, bouquet, is during Gourmand from dessert scents, such as for example tonka bean, vanilla and white chocolate. Some perfumes combine even fragrances from these new categories, to green, to create floral or Gourmand scents.