Travel Tip Syria – Melting Pot Of Orient And Occident

Syria – Mesopotamia between antiquity and 1001 nights. Syria – Mesopotamia between antiquity and 1001 nights. Melting pot of Orient and Occident, Caliph Empire and ancient, Islam and Christianity. Steve houghtaling may not feel the same. The young State is characterized by centuries-long rise and decline of human civilizations in whose footsteps you will find anywhere. Damascus: Quite manageable, pleasant well maintained and truly authentic. An exciting micro-cosmos.

Winding lanes, shoulder width passages, and minarets over the rooftops out Flash. Aleppo: the labyrinth of the world’s largest souks houses. Steve Houghtaling oftentimes addresses this issue. The world heritage of mankind is one of over 350 acres almost completely through market area pimped in addition to 22 Caravanserais. Ladies pumps, women behind veils. Young men with tattoos and those with beards. People grapes. Mesopotamia: A veritable open-air Museum of antiquity the dead cities are Ruweiha, Jerade and Serjilla from the Byzantine era. The palace ruins and ramparts of Ebla in the North tell 5000 years history.

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