Month: November 2015

New Product Updates

You searched for ever to load their cars? Or maybe vice versa – a car to transport their cargo? How do you do it? Most likely – typed in a search engine key phrase "freight forwarding" or "search for Transport" All right. Only progress is not in place and already there were more "advanced" services, which, along with the typical specialized in cargo traffic message board, offering to throw off the information right on your mobile phone sms in real time, ie at the time the ads! It is very convenient. Judge for yourselves: now, instead of permanent the computer you can do other important things. And at the moment of advertisement suitable for the specified parameters that you specified in the mailing sms, you receive an sms with a short, moderately complete or comprehensive information about the cargo, which need to be transported, on the freed transport, etc. and price of the sms only about 1 ruble! It is worth noting that if you do not need sms, you can get regular mailings on cargo and transportation. Also in real time. But here, of course, will be temporary losses of a purely technical reasons: – the configuration of your mail server may have a longer period of treatment-mail – your e-mail client polls the server with a certain interval – our mail server can get into the spam list to your e-mail server – etc. In general, sms receive much more effective! For the "conservatives", dispatchers, who love to see it for themselves, still has a traditional list all the available cargo and transport.

The same basis system. Therefore, it will never disappear. For convenience, the selection of information, as a rule, there are special search form loads in the list of goods and a search form of transport in the list of transport and there are many forms parameters are uniquely selective in the result only what you need. As usual, a search form – it's convenient. But what if you want to receive sms on the goods, or free transportation in a strictly defined time intervals or stop sending sms? The good news: You can use the appropriate settings. It's a snap! In addition to all the above, if you place in such a system, its proposals to the best of you goods, transportation, fleets, etc., then your number of potential customers is growing! Do the math: in the day, such a system scatters thousands of sms and they are all targeted beneficiaries! The effect is stunning.

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Free Internet Browsers

Browser (Web browser, the browser) – one of the most essential things on the Internet, there is nothing more necessary than a good browser with many advantages. In modern times appeared a lot of interesting, useful and important products. But the most valuable are the world-famous products, namely those browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari. This is one of a base of players in the browser market, some attention should be paid and Internet Explorer, especially that soon release of Internet Explorer 9, which is already endowed with a rich set of advanced technologies, ranging from support for CSS3, HTML5, and ending support for hardware acceleration. What does the "browser Google Chrome, released in 2008, he was already , . – implementation of JavScript-code, and rendering pages.

Google Chrome – the choice of those who want maximum speed. Mozilla Firefox – began its development as far back as 2002 (while this browser still had the name 'Phoenix'), gradually making our way into the leaders of the browser market, now in many countries around the world, this browser is the second most popular after Internet Explorer. One of the main advantages of this browser is extensible, has written thousands of plugins that implement these or other opportunities and Every day the number of extensions continue to grow. If you need a browser that is as multikombayn is able to digest almost everything you can – then the choice is Mozilla Firefox. Opera – long-lived, but in spite of the fact that he was for many years – is very fast and browser performance, has absorbed a lot of useful functions, such as Opera Turbo – saving bandwidth, Opera Link – Sync bookmarks, start menu and other features between browsers. Built-in mail client, engine, the ability to install widgets, like the extensions for Mozilla Firefox, but having less in your browser. If you need a browser that immediately after installation will use mail, torrent, and of course fast and browser performance – the choice is Opera. Apple Safari, was created originally for Mac os, and after some time has been ported to Windows, has an expandable, user friendly interface, productive JavScript-engine, support HTML5, CSS3 (similar set vobschem some have and others represented here browsers). If you love that surrounds you pretty things – you should try the Apple Safari.

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Strategical Administration

In the evolution of the logistic procedures we have the internal and external integration, focus in the customer and the search of the competitive advantage passing for the given and taken care of services, processes with quality and YOU. The search to develop the operational performance, front to a market each more competitive time, the enterprise organizations had looked for to adopt more flexible organizacionais structures, using technologies integrators and redesigning its chains of value, with bigger capacity of adaptation and rapidity of reply. This study it searchs to present logistic relation between and the necessary processes of management the maintenance of the competitive integrity between the companies. The article was elaborated through bibliographical analysis, through the use of books and articles, as well as in the collection of data through the world-wide net of computers. 2. Services in the Suppliment Chain In one to look at and character of planning, see that strategy basically consists of factors and rules that determine the orientation for the behavior of an organization, standard and norms where the companies need to evaluate and to reevaluate its objectives inside, placing the necessary resources, of the capacity, intention and environment in the interconnection and formularization of the strategy and its functions of operation, and understanding this we see that Logistic, the Services and the Strategy if they establish, therefore the Strategical Administration nothing more is that a sistmico process that she must be managed, be planned, executed and stoned or folloied in the high cupola or high administration, involving all in a synergic and compromised process she enters all the involved actors in the context.

A service is any activity or benefit that one has left can offer another one, that is essentially intangible, and that some does not result in thing property. Its production can or not be on to a physical product. Porter (1990) detaches that already in the last decade of the last century basic factors as natural resources and less influential specialized man power does not become each time in the attainment of true competitive advantages and sustainable, a time that factors as knowledge, technology and capital assume this role.

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