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Available Identification

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The great challenge is to incorporate the support to the products and services offered for the operator. It is not necessary to modify all profile or to fear that the customers fidiciary offices if move away for understanding that support does not offer comfort. It is basic that the actions are incorporated gradual and that the company demonstrates to its customers and employees its concern stops with the ethics, quality, security, innovation, development and preservation of the destination and environment as a whole. Actions as the insertion of activities inside of the office can be the first step for the awareness of the employees, as for example: – The reduction of impressions through the use of paper rough draft and the otimizao of the paper with the reduction of the edges. – The awareness how much to the consumption of energy in the spaces where the light can be off when she will be being used, disconnect the monitor of computer in schedule of lunch, or when they will be to absent itself for longer periods, beyond the correct use of conditional air.

– To discard the garbage of appropriate form in accordance with the politics established for the company with the reaproveitamento objective and recycling of the generated residues. – Available Identification of products and sustainable services for its suppliers beyond bigger knowledge on the destination including the local culture, patrimonies, among others. For this it is important that the actions are monitored and that they prove its effectiveness with objective to become part of the culture of the company. The knowledge on the offered products and services will allow the company to divulge and to demand of its supplying actions directed toward the preservation of the destination being benefited the tourism of general form. Currently with the support walking each stronger time, is possible to find rooms more sustainable. The certificates that offer more credibility today are the Green Stamp of Support of the Guide 4 Wheels the Certification for the Norm of the ABNT 15401 Half NBR of Lodging System of Management of the Support Requisite. The activities offered in the destination today possess guides who guide the tourists in relation to the referring ethical behavior to each region activity, as not to pursue or to feed the animals, not to take shells, to play the garbage in appropriate place, among others.

Many operators take the due care to guarantee that its suppliers do not support or omit infanto-youthful the sexual exploration, and because not to divulge these actions and to support its suppliers to the combat to this type of exploration in its destination? These are simple action to be adopted for operators so that can offer its consumer, either travel agency or customers virtual right-handers and, an option more sustainable, so that the more sustainable credibility of products and services either guaranteed without it has the necessity of inquiry on the part of the customer interested in these aspects. Today, still it exists difficulty and the lack of credibility in the choice of destinations, products and services more sustainable and is basic the clarification and spreading of sustainable real actions for that has direct contact with the destinations, either operator, local travel agency and suppliers. As soon as it will have the conscience mainly of the destinations that depend on the conservation to remain attractive a tourist one in the future, we will be able to enjoy of our trips with the certainty that we made the choice certain economically to keep the ambient and cultural beauties in way joust.