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Biological Engineering

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Biological engineering is focused by crusher field Our country large-scale infrastructure construction is in full swing, Domestic huge investment promote the development of the crusher. In the large engineering construction, High demand in the quality of broken sieving machines, just like the jaw crusher is very exuberant. On Medicine, through biological engineering we can produce a lot of cheap drugs for control of human diseases, such as insulin, interferon, growth hormone, hepatitis B vaccine, etc. The application of Biological engineering on food and light industry is also very wide. In 1983 the United States manufactured high fruit syrup with biological engineering which was used in the of making drinks, the annual output was as high as 6 million tons, so that the consumption of sucrose was cut in half. By biological engineering technology, breeding work has made very big change, such as transference the resistance gene to tobacco, has been developed new varieties of tobacco to prevent pests; The lower organisms of nitrogen-fixing rhizobium gene is transferred to higher crop of cell, so that they can make nitrogen fertilizer themselves, which has obtained some achievements. At present the world takes the biological engineering seriously, and our country also put biological engineering as one of the key scientific research programs.

Biological engineering research will have a huge impact on the human production method and way of life. Roll crusher, coal slime dryer are the main processing and crushing equipment in the market. If it can ensure the same quality, price and delivery conditions, the large enterprise can deliver other factories to processing, which will improve the local factories ability of produces mating parts, strength the leading role in local economy and get better development.In the future development, Henan Hongxing will actively focus on the core technology research and development, the capital operation, brand building, marketing and other key links. At present, sales situation of crusher in China is fairly fine, although economic downturn in European have brought certain negative effects on us, there is an upside. Economic downturn, European countries will come up with large sums of money to stimulate investment, there must also be conducive sales to China s impact crusher.