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Processes in the game Diablo III occur specifically after twenty years of zaversheniyasobyty Diablo 2. Now the planet originated a completely new threat to the planet crashed meteorite, and again awakened the sleeping evil. To find out what exactly happened and to save the earth from certain destruction, we needed in the third part. We will have to wait for the usual fascinating fantasy world, special classes just for the toys, and hordes of undead and demons also. The game comes into play an entirely different 'engine'. Now really carry not only the skull hellish creatures, but, in turn, and the surrounding area, say for example what you like furniture, doors, closets and cupboards, some walls.

In addition, rolled off the wall can actually roll a under a pair of villains in the form if they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Everything is incredibly realistic. System Requirements Diablo III, until recently, were not available. One year has passed since the actual official statement of work to develop a game. Now clearly the first 4 are well-known class in the game itself is a barbarian, shaman, mage and also a monk. Just the screenshots and the video can easily look just like is the initial and second attack in a computer game. And only just for today, became known details about a computer game that's directly diablo 3 system requirements.

A little clarity in this BlizzCon 2009 has made the issue on which the employees of the company stated that real output in 2010, toys in general will not, and therefore the game must wait until 2011 Someone started a rumor that Diablo 3 easily download, or there some free version of Diablo 3. And a lot of similar questions asked by young gamers gaming conferences, and those who are in fact necessary to explain that, in general, Diablo 3 has not yet released, and in general no demo version of Diablo 3 is also not invented. All in all, absolutely all fans of the series Diablo will need to be patient, because expect is not less than one and a half years. In that directly play in the above mentioned free time? Somebody give preference other toys, someone will play in an online RPG from Blizzard, WoW, others continue to play in the familiar as well as Diablo and Diablo 2.