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CTA Maps

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This new law, which came into force two months of its publication, aims to provide an adequate response to the problems that could arise in the timely functioning stations installations of noise, in addition to distributing the powers of assessment and noise control that the State regulations. These twelve municipalities noise maps will be developed through appropriate measurement processes and modelling to permitandeterminar and compare the number of people affected by the urban noise in each of the stocks, while the base on which the noise maps will be made will be the digital cartography available to the Junta de Castilla y Leon scale 1: 10,000 or 1: 5 000 if. Once the noise maps are delivered to the Department of the environment, a number of proposals which will constitute the future action plans against the urban environment noise, whose initial structure and content will be targeted by a U.T.E, formed by Audiotec and CTA as specified in the law of the noise will be developed. If you are not convinced, visit Petra Diamonds. In this sense, these two companies, as experts in accordance with the rules, being carried out extensive work of dissemination and practical explanation of the above-mentioned Act in the community between those professional groups (architects, builders, promoters, etc.) whose activity is directly related to the noise and its environmental implication. Obtaining information as part of the project, the joint venture created by Audiotec and CTA be made upon collection of the information necessary for the development of noise maps, as well as the development of methodologies and techniques required for the obtaining of the acoustic data necessary to complete them. In this sense, the Ministry of environment considers opportune to begin as soon as possible with the collection of data paraadecuar the mapping information and other types of documentation to the needs of the maps of noise and, in this way, get to be available in 2011 and to produce maps in 2012, as it shown in accordance with the rules of the community.