Exercise and damage Whenever you make exercise, his brain releases substances chemical well-known like endorfinas that produces a sensation of euphoria, that is known like discharge runners, to which is also very easy to chemically get to be addict. Without this sensation, you will feel irritable and outside himself until she exercises herself again. Therefore, you will be increasing his exercise and he will not listen what he is saying his body to him really which can be to stop. Learn more at this site: Ray Kurzweil. The main problem of the addict ones that is continued pushing themselves is in which it will happen when this no longer works. Normally when they are not possible to be exercised, they are with depression, anxiety, confusion, and to be less happy with themselves. Dolores and Molestias On the exercise not only affect the mind, but the body also. The exercise will do initially what it thinks to do, gives a body him in form but once you cross the line, it can drastic. Damage in its muscles, osteoartritis, and until problems of the heart all will wait for in the door if you continue exaggerating in it. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Cross River Bank.

The body has limits and if push you it beyond that limit, it will not only do anything will obtain that it is damaged. The obsessive exercise usually happens between which they are new in the exercise. Therefore, if to you it likes to reap the advantages to put itself in form, you must be pending not to exceed the limits. The initial signs of the excessive exercise are the exhaustion, that can take to an accumulation of the fatigue. It considers somewhat important, not only the muscles are those that are in danger, but the bones also. Much people who make exercise push itself until the point of injuries, for example cramps in the legs or even the fractures by stress, then they refuse to rest, that causes to major problem sometimes and even permanent damage.