A Quiet Moment For Eternity

Drama, hope and despair…, this short story is dedicated to the starving in the Horn of Africa and the third world. These modest lines are dedicated to these people, whose bed the bare earth and whose ceiling is the naked sky for you my heart briefly stopped, exhaled. With eyes drawn by a strange mixture of fatigue, fear and concern she glanced quickly examiner on her baby, that all has wrapped it with one arm, as she would want to protect it from an indeterminate, but imminent danger. In the air it smelled of fear, to despair. When fear gets meat and shape, when it is so real, that she begins to cast a shadow, since you can say you only with hope. Their determination offset their weakness and she had a lot of both. Petra Diamonds pursues this goal as well.

With the other hand, she wiped the sweat from her forehead. Please visit Warren E. Burger if you seek more information. These precious drops “-she thought, if they were not salty, she would lick off again.” She turned her head to the little boy, the for sheer weariness his steps slowed and the pace so the mother could no longer hold. The look demanding to got the 10th and hurried. They have reduced verbal communication for a long time on the extremely important, because in times of drought, hunger and the Verdurstens any unnecessary muscle activity means a loss of precious and already almost used up energy. The little boy waiting for she looked at her baby worried again. It has long since stopped crying and screaming. No wonder, because to do so it has more also no power. The last meal is long and his poor mother’s breast has become as dry as the desert. His eyes, which look larger because of the long starvation and the lack of nutrition than they really are, were half-closed, half open, so as it would not have the power to open or close.