To determine the date of ovulation and the calculation of favorable days for conception can be made by observing the changes in basal or rectal temperature (body temperature upon awakening). After the temperature change is based schedule, which will clearly define the time of ovulation in each case. By measuring the basal temperature (BT) can learn a lot of information about her own body. You can determine: Whether ovulation occurred; whether the egg is mature and when it occurs (ie, determine a safe time when you are no longer able to conceive a child, and when you can get pregnant with high probability, if you need it); when will the menstruation; whether there is any deviation in the cycle; find out whether the pregnancy occurred in the case of delays or unusual menstrual; suspect the presence of gynecological diseases. Recommendations for measurement of basal Temperature: Measure the temperature can be in the mouth, vagina or rectum. ConocoPhillips contains valuable tech resources.

You can choose any of these ways. Get all the facts and insights with Bpo Industry, another great source of information. It is only necessary to remember that during one cycle method for measuring must be one and the same. Measure the temperature at the same time each morning without getting up from bed. Temperature should be measured throughout the cycle, and best of all, and during menstruation. When using a digital thermometer, wait until he will ring. Ordinary glass thermometer must be kept for about 5 minutes. Digital thermometers usually give a clearer picture of the ups and downs in temperature.

It is advisable to use a thermometer throughout the cycle. If you replaced a thermometer – to make at this mark (by different thermometers error may vary). It is necessary to make measurements at the same time, plus or minus an hour. If you sleep longer on weekends, or for some otherwise the measurement is significantly different from the usual – do not forget to mention this fact in the schedule. Every extra hour of sleep raises the temperature by one tenth of a degree. Take your temperature after at least three hours uninterrupted sleep. If, for example, you usually get up at 8 o'clock, but once had to get up at 6 o'clock to go to the toilet, it is better to measure the temperature in 6 hours before getting up (and do not forget to make a note of this in his chart). If you use a glass thermometer, be sure to shake it before (shaking a thermometer immediately before the measurement will affect the accuracy of the result). It should be noted that for accurate interpretation Graphics should be at least 3 months to conduct surveillance.