Month: June 2014


The APM Group & the scalaris AG reinforce your partnership by a uniform appearance to the outside. Together with scalaris AG, the APM Group provides an integrated solution already for a long time for the management of electronic personnel files. Now the two companies have set itself aims to increase their visibility through a uniform appearance. This should intensify the collaboration between of the two companies and the German HR market increasingly are offered solutions to the management of personnel documents. In planning is offering the electronic personnel file and a uniform visibility increased to win new customers. This is to be the digital personnel file as an additional service for the customers of the APM Group, as a stand alone service or as a component of the APM available workflow solution. Through the many years of experience in the human resources field succeeded in APM to create a standardized folder structure in the SaS model, and thus to provide a cost-effective way to transition from a physical file.

Use of the SaS model eliminates high cost of system integration and license purchase. The APM standard allows a cheap care of the Act. The APM Group is a provider of BPO (business process outsourcing) solutions and offers services in the areas of human resource management and financial accounting. The service portfolio of APM Group including the outsourcing of payroll, travel expenses or the outsourcing of financial accounting. In addition to these services, the APM increasingly offers HR software solutions such as the digital personnel file or a workflow solution, but also comprehensive SAP or process consulting. Learn more at:

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Pro Sky

Aviation company is a joint-stock company, Cologne, August 31, 2011. From the Pro sky airplane GmbH is now a shareholder resolution in the near future the Pro sky AG. Thus, the leading provider of integrated flight programs gearing up for further international expansion and new participation models. At the same time, the company from the term airplane goodbye”in its title. We have developed further in recent years by the pure air charter broker to an diversified aviation services provider”, CEO Armin Truger explains the motivations. A visible sign of the transformation is the brand new corporate design. Pro sky now boasts a strong and self-confident logo. Portfolio continuously expanded Pro sky launched 15 years ago, as the aircraft Charter was the company still in the character.

Since then a lot has happened. Piece by piece the flight professionals expanded its portfolio. The self-developed airport & inflight services were first introduced in the 1990s, so the individual Flight design according to the wishes of the customers. This is followed by private jets and finally the segment of the line tickets for groups. Today, Pro sky presents itself as a leading agency for holistic flight programs. Industrial customers and event agencies from all over Europe consult Pro sky, when it comes to group with the aircraft from A to B.

No broker and consultant we are not brokers, but consultants who also implement”, brings the understanding of self to the point CEO Armin Truger. “It was almost a logical consequence, that the term airplane” should be deleted from the title of the company. As now the transformation into a joint-stock company was, therefore made nails with heads. The Pro sky AG is thus ideally equipped for the business challenges of the future. So, the aviation is business grow further internationally and open up for new participation models. New corporate design is the change in the communication of Pro sky visible from afar. It has indeed a new Corporate design held catchment. The old oval badge, which reminded of a pilot’s badge, has given way to a modern word / picture mark. Now, a stylized hummingbirds in a blue square symbolizes the aviation reference of consultants. In addition, the company name in bold black letters will appear. As a new claim, Pro sky has chosen to “Own the skies”. With the clear logo and the strong claim we underline our quality standards and the importance of Pro sky in the market”, explained Armin Truger. Over the SKY of the PRO: Pro sky is the leading agency for holistic flight programs. The portfolio of services includes aircraft Charter, line tickets for groups, private jets, airport & inflight services and media solutions. At the time, Pro sky is represented with offices in Cologne, Paris and Sao Paulo. More info on PRO SKY Armin Michael Hohenstaufenring 29-37 50674 Cologne T: 0221-920440 F: 0221-9204422

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