The APM Group & the scalaris AG reinforce your partnership by a uniform appearance to the outside. Together with scalaris AG, the APM Group provides an integrated solution already for a long time for the management of electronic personnel files. Now the two companies have set itself aims to increase their visibility through a uniform appearance. This should intensify the collaboration between of the two companies and the German HR market increasingly are offered solutions to the management of personnel documents. In planning is offering the electronic personnel file and a uniform visibility increased to win new customers. This is to be the digital personnel file as an additional service for the customers of the APM Group, as a stand alone service or as a component of the APM available workflow solution. Through the many years of experience in the human resources field succeeded in APM to create a standardized folder structure in the SaS model, and thus to provide a cost-effective way to transition from a physical file.

Use of the SaS model eliminates high cost of system integration and license purchase. The APM standard allows a cheap care of the Act. The APM Group is a provider of BPO (business process outsourcing) solutions and offers services in the areas of human resource management and financial accounting. The service portfolio of APM Group including the outsourcing of payroll, travel expenses or the outsourcing of financial accounting. In addition to these services, the APM increasingly offers HR software solutions such as the digital personnel file or a workflow solution, but also comprehensive SAP or process consulting. Learn more at: