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CLEAN PolierSystem Boxes

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Two selection boxes to learn and as a starter package for painting professionals and consumers with the CLEAN PolierSystem boxes offers CLEAN PRODUCTS, professional cleaning, care, and repair systems, through which dealers can buy a cost-effective and consumer-oriented coating processing system for the automotive industry, bodywork and paint specialists, as well as the consumer of the rare professional material in small containers. The cabinets in the plants are full of unused materials. There is always one or other material to the test shopped without then actually consuming it. However, many users want to first test products without spending much money. Smaller companies often have not the consumption.

So large containers or sale units are available weekly or for months unused in workplaces. The material is often unusable later or the user exactly knows the optimum purpose”, says Rolf Schontag, Managing Director of the CLEANCOMPANY System Center GmbH. The CLEANPolierSystem is in 2 Assortment boxes, individually in small 250 ml new and handy 1000 ml bottles offered. Trial-BOX small but fine: CLEAN PolierSystem BOXmini contains the SchnellschleifPaste CP035, the GlanzschleifPolitur CP120, the HochglanzschleifPolitur CP260 and the synthetic long time sealing CP600 in small 250 ml new. The LackschutzSpray in a 500ml spray bottle. “” To a polishing plate soft, a polishing sponge abrasive “know a polishing sponge medium yellow”and a charcoal soft polishing sponge”.

The cutting and polishing by hand by small, hard to reach with the polishing machine bodies, a lacquer mouse is always ready to. To professionally and scratch-free, with a maximum shine again to pay the different materials of the paint surface, a large recordable CLEAN blue Microfiber polishing cloth. Start BOX for the Professional: CLEAN PolierSystem BOXmaxi contains handy 1000ml bottles, the SchnellschleifPaste CP-035, the GlanzschleifPolitur CP 120, Hochglanzschleif Polish CP 260 and the synthetic Long-term sealing CP 600. The paint protection spray in a 500 ml spray bottle. “” To a polishing plate soft, 5 polishing sponges abrasive “know 5 polishing sponges yellow medium”and 5 anthracite soft polishing sponges”. The cutting and polishing by hand by small, hard to reach with the polishing machine bodies, a lacquer mouse is always ready to. To professionally and scratch-free, with a maximum shine again to pay the different materials of the paint surface, 5 large absorbent CLEAN blue Microfiber polishing cloths. CLEANCOMPANY System Center GmbH CLEAN PRODUCTS Stuttgarter str. 101 74074 Heilbronn Division contact: Rolf Schontag mail: FON: + 49 (0) 7131 56 82 90 Fax: + 49 (0) 7131 56 82 92 NET: CLEAN PRODUCTS a division of CLEAN COMPANY System Center GmbH cleaning, care, and repair systems for the automotive market for 21 years, “Strikingly different” focuses on CLEAN PRODUCTS with polishes – paint sealant -.

Glastec Glastec

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As a state-of-the-art overall solution it goes without saying that the door is fire and smoke protection tested, single -, double-leaf or sliding doors can be carried out. Planline is the perfect solution for a flush glass system in the drywall. Optically and technically it meets all requirements. Endless shock joint glazing in filigree appearance and without static intermediate posts are Muhe – and easily feasible. Planline drywall is a perfectly thought-out product that combines aesthetics, practicality and function on the best. More information to PLANLINE frame structures under Planline Interior wood, Planline Interior Stahl Glastec Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH new road 9 83071 stephanskirchen Tel: + 49 “8031-94148-51 Managing Director: Johannes Riediger register Court Traunstein: HRB 7608 VAT-ID no.: DE131194817 fax: + 49 8031-94148-48 website: about us: Glastec – glass system since 1990 develops and produces Glastec Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH successful glasses with system” and asserts itself successfully for years with multifunctional glass products for the window facade and partition wall construction. This one draws both from the knowledge of the glass technology, the insulating glass technology and solar technology.

The resulting technical synergies flow in dominant’ products and services. With the development of a comprehensive range of high-tech insulating glasses with daylight and solar shading systems in between the panes Glastec carries the ever higher requirements of the law to save energy, to the Sun, heat and environmental protection consistent invoice. Glastec is successfully operating in special areas such as day light and climate control, fire, radiation and laser protection. The product line Planline, a flush glazing system of Glastec for the high-quality interior design and drywall is unique. The exclusive partitioning system in aluminium, wood and steel frame and new! in the drywall with a special frame system can be combined with additional functions such as fire, radiation, noise and privacy. The Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH sees itself as a creative driving force of the modern glass architecture and offers a large variety of programs which includes customer-specific special solutions for this purpose. We take care of us.

Renusol VarioSole SE

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Black elegance for design-conscious home men’s aesthetic factors play an increasingly important role in the decision for a photovoltaic system. In addition to the technical component, increasingly the optical effect on the overall picture of the House counts for builders. On roof systems therefore demand module cell or module frame in elegant black. “This demand following the Cologne PV installation specialist Renusol now offers the VarioSole in black on as blackline”. The VarioSole blackline is based on the proven Renusol roof rail system VarioSole SE with the strongest roof hooks in the market from sturdy die-cast aluminium. All aluminium components of the blackline as mounting rails, Central or end terminals and cross rail clamps, and all visible areas of the screws were dyed black. All clamping elements, as well as the rail clamps are provided with a resistant KTL coating (cataphoretic painting). The KTL coating is environment-friendly, UV resistant, scratch-resistant, resistant to saltwater and corrosion.

Also this procedure allows a perfectly even distribution of paint over the whole surface, which is crucial for the proper and permanent use of clamping pieces. The mounting rails, however, are high-quality anodized, because they are partially cut for adaptation to the respective roof. A paint job would be inappropriate in this case, because the coating could flake off and provide the so-called creep corrosion attack surface. The adjustable Renusol VarioSole SE is on roof system for mounting of all framed modules 34-51 mm frame strength on pitched roofs. The new VarioSole blackline served the demand for elegant and visually appealing black modules by a fastening system that perfectly adapted. VarioSole blackline is available from July with Renusol and stocked. Rensuol provides the VarioSole blackline, for the first time at the Intersolar 2010 in Munich (Hall A3, stand 712).