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AXIS Communications

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Compression in MPEG-4 processor running at ip camera accordance with ISO / IEC 14496-2 (MPEG-4 Visual and MPEG-4 Part II). To limit the bandwidth, AXIS 221 uses NWAY auto-sensing data in the local network segment. AXIS 221 – this is the first ip-camera with a built-AXIS thermocouple, which protects the camera from high temperatures and can detect a fire at the facility surveillance. Model 221 allows up to 10 scripts to set its response to the alarm, three of which are prescribed "Download" anxiety of staff at one of the servers: FTP-, HTTP-or TCP-server. It will also send an e-mail notification with attached anxious staff. The source of an alarm event can be integrated detector movement or temperature-sensitive element, security sensors, connected to the alarm input, reset after power failure or manual activation of the alarm.

Using technology Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows to deliver power to the AXIS 221 over twisted pair category 5 in accordance with standard IEEE 802.3af, thereby decreasing time and cost of installation. To do this, ip camera connected to an uninterruptible power supply through the injector AXIS PoE Midspan, which also protects the camera and from power surges. At the same time, AXIS 221 can use an adapter for 9 V DC supplied. Built-in ip-camera motion detection allows, among traditional settings, the size of the detected object, sensitivity and detection area, set the duration of their active state. The higher the value, the longer the detector is active condition.

Unauthorized access to the network camera is protected by password system, built-in controller WatchDog, IP-filtering and HTTPS-coding. Through the web-browser window ip-camera AXIS 221 can display video from network cameras and other Video Server AXIS. It's enough to add a new network camera or video server in the list of external sources, prescribing their IP-addresses and assigning the parameters of video. Each external ip camera can transmit stream format MPEG-2, MPEG-4 or M-JPEG, and image from multiple sources can be switched in sequence mode. New ip-camera AXIS 221 is already available. For more technical information on new ip cameras and other network camera AXIS send your request to or call us at 787-3342, 937-9057 to sales managers ARMO-Systems, which is the official Russian distributor of network cameras and video servers AXIS Communications, or in regional offices, ARMO. The Swedish company AXIS Communications is the world's largest developer and manufacturer of networking equipment for digital video surveillance systems. AXIS provides the world market for network cameras, wireless cameras, video servers and various web-camera video surveillance for the organization of local networks or the Internet. Offices in 14 countries, and the staff more than 400 people. More than 95% of sales accounted for AXIS foreign markets.

Mediterranean Coast

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But most importantly, that he does not lose contact with a familiar environment. In any country where there is more or less available online, people virtual "live, in general, in a familiar world. And if a person's work and connected to the Internet and in no way connected with the seat, then nothing changes. But it's all generalities. And now we take any concrete man, well, like this, which is very well know – myself and an experiment. Let's look at a computer screen – the familiar and dear sight. And then the kinematic look out the window – too familiar and dear sight, do you like? A Now look again at the computer screen and imagine that the window is not "familiar and dear, but, for example, the sun, and maybe even the sea, or forest, or mountains, or maybe all together. Now, like it? I like it.

I just, it's all .V than morality fable so long? And in that, if nothing to lose, why follow the stereotypes and grandparents, who were afraid to move away from their homes. And can skip anywhere, the more that we, the "virtual people" is easy and useful. Incidentally, Europeans have long been caught this wave. The phenomenon even got its name "Downshifting". The bottom line is that a person buys or rents an apartment, and sometimes a villa (in the backward countries can and the palace, but here Internet is not guaranteed) in some nice resort country or at sea, or in the mountains, but it does not matter where, most importantly, where are cheaper than in the native and the usual megalopolis. Cheaper, but not worse, because there are in these countries and the sea, and beauty and a pleasant environment and friendly people around (though this is a mistake quickly fading away as soon as you begin to understand language). In general, I decided to follow the Europeans, once the very first non dodumalas.Vybor country had not been for me a particular problem.

Basic conditions, I was not much: accessibility, environment, low crime, the sea and, of course, good internet. In general, the choice fell on Turkey – Mediterranean Coast. After year of residency can already draw conclusions – made the right decision. My friend, for example, made a different choice – Goa. Also not spared. So, go ahead, gentlemen, "virtual people" looking for his paradise on earth. It's easy, just live!