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November DRAGO

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Intelligent components for automation technology – DRAGO metrology at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2009 from 24-26 November presented the company DRAGO Messtechnik, manufacturer and supplier of high-precision signal converter, their extensive range of services in the area of interface and automation technology. In Hall 6, Booth 414 informed the company how customers through the use of high-quality signal converter and special measurement technology more economically, safer and more reliable can operate their equipment and machinery. Factors for this are long-lasting components with low wear and measuring devices, which deliver precise continuous accurate measuring results over the whole lifetime. Entry handling and storage costs and the factor time required for installation, maintenance and expansion of facilities. To meet these requirements, the company has developed special circuit techniques for signal converter, which largely avoid an aging of the components. Additional protection components ensure long life and safe operation even in harsh Industrial environments and with limit loads. The uniform concept and the universal measuring range selection allows the user to quick changes and global availability. The simple technique for quick installation, maintenance and extension of systems reduces deployment and storage costs for the operators.

We want, that our customers can work more economically,”says managing director Markus Kopetzki. For this, our customers also in standard requests receive comprehensive advice on possible improvements of the system. “We solve special requirements of measurement – in the interests of the customers with our competent team of technicians: cost and benefit.” With many years of technical expertise, DRAGO configures all devices such as isolating amplifier, signal converters, transmitters of special techniques and circuits after thorough consultation of the customers. The devices are configured and customer tailored to, that there is still a significant performance improvement in the operation of the plant: the plant can be operated more efficiently, are safer and more reliable work. For more information see: about DRAGO Messtechnik DRAGO Messtechnik GmbH is manufacturer and supplier of high-quality signal converter and components for modern automation technology. In Berlin we manufacture since 2002 particularly durable and reliable components of measurement technology.

Education System

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Together with the Netviewer AG Seminarboerse.de one of the largest education portals of in Germany, seminar providers (teachers), now offers the possibility to test online training free. Time – and location-independent learning and teaching methods are becoming increasingly important in the future. Therefore vendors who have currently only presence seminars in the program, should consider as soon as possible, extent to which they combine their presence events with E-learning (blended learning) models to expand their product portfolio so forward-looking. “They came to the customers as the growing demand online training shows offering such definitely opposed.”We can encourage the providers only, to gain experience in the field of E-learning, testing, online training, to introduce, systematically to expand”, underlines Gunter Willems, Managing Director of Seminarboerse.de GmbH in Munich. A portfolio of Advanced E-learning increases the attractiveness of a seminar provider, customer loyalty and ergo the Turnover.” For the entry in the E-learning also smoothly succeed, Seminarboerse.de offers an online solution for testing all seminar organisers as of today. This available at seminarboerse.de for free. It was developed a Netviewer AG Karlsruhe the leading European provider of software for Web conferencing, remote and online support. Especially the mature overall concept has convinced us: the modular approach, the comfortable voice and chat capabilities.

So seminar providers can perform live and interactive high-quality online training”, emphasizes Gunter Willems. With this solution each organizer can expand easily and simply his classic form of instruction to an E-learning system.” The solution: Netviewer meet: with Netviewer meet you are without travel costs directly at the customer or partner. Meetings take place easily in the Internet as Web conferencing. Prospecting, short decision cycles, efficient project meetings quick and effective training is the reward. A session is by the way very simple: the Participants go through a link in the invitation directly to the session and can wear very quickly the different functions thanks to intuitive operation. On the firewall or network configuration, no changes are necessary to the trial in the single individuals: download and use free of charge private companies: download and 14 days free trial solution Netviewer meet says to you as organizer, you would now take online training in your portfolio as a company and offer, then it can be changed on a licensing model. Additional offer: If a licensing agreement to Seminarboerse.de book, seminar providers 10 of your online seminars can free market and apply. In addition, the first license model books received the opportunity to switch a banner (234 x 60 pixels) for a year with a direct link to own website worth of 1,080 euros free on Seminarboerse.