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VAT Solar

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Solar funding cut affects the attractiveness? After promoting solar, not as strong as originally planned to be reduced despite all fears, solar systems and the investment in solar energy are still worthwhile. The gradations of the promotions, the solar industry is forcing to provide new opportunities. Who already has solar systems, must not deal with reductions in State funding. Old contracts. In 2010, private investors can get 39,14 cents per fed kilowatt hour of solar systems.

And in the year 2011, there will be still attractive promotions. It is so still worth to invest in solar systems. Who wants to invest in solar systems now, should strive for high-quality solar systems. A professional installation of the new solar system is equally important. The German solar industry association has developed a plant passport. If photovoltaic systems for the first time in 2010 on the network, are according to the EEG (renewable energy Act) following reimbursement rates planned: If power off or on buildings refers to 30-100 kWp installed solar systems, will receive 37,23 cents per kilowatt hour.

There are buildings up to 30 kWp 39,14 cents and at buildings 100 kWp 1 MWp 35,23 cents. , 37 cents. The value of the building is higher than 1 MWp, there are still 29Solarstrom from open spaces are promoted at 28,43 cents for the kilowatt hour. 22.76 cents who relates to the consumption of solar power, gets rewarded. These prices are net prices. Who operates solar systems, has more ways to save. He can be classified as a contractor at the tax office, so the VAT incurred on the investment costs, may assert in addition as input tax. Depending on the type of solar plant, the payback period for a solar system is between 15 and 25 years. As the political debate will be hardly ended and the environment occupies an increasingly important role, is to expect that the installation of a solar system is rewarding in the future. This is especially also the fact, that the prices for solar panels cheap solar systems, mainly from China, plummeted in the last few years what can make up for the reduction in solar promotion again.

Stuttgart Energy

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Who thinks about renewable energy, comes inevitably to the use of photovoltaic systems. Electrician Bernd Nowinski has focused on energy by means of solar power with his company photovoltaic South in Filderstadt, Germany, and offers good advice and permanent care as well as comprehensive know-how. The profitable photovoltaic systems Stuttgart already by the specialists and his team are the best reference of photovoltaic South. The layman is quickly overwhelmed when it comes to the design and installation of photovoltaic systems (www.photovoltaik-sued.de/). A competent partner is important to the individual issues of profitability, income, to calculate feed-in tariff and plant monitoring of photovoltaic systems. Only the basic processes of energy converters are well known. Increasingly, see solar panels on German rooftops and recognizes that alternative power is there derived by means of photovoltaic systems.

The idea is simple and unbeatable. The free-standing solar energy is collected, concentrated and fed into modern batteries. Is now open in the way of use – after a technically sophisticated conversion – in the commonly used household electricity. Photovoltaic systems are the electricity supplier in the future. Regardless of diminishing fossil fuels, they supply the households and can profitably feed into the urban electricity grids even the too much electricity. Users of photovoltaic systems work fully independently and need to worry more about rising energy costs.

The simple conversion of light into electrical current does not depend on permanent sunshine and works even on cloudy days. The photovoltaic systems use the so-called photoelectric effect here and are extremely effective through the electricity storage. Clever computer act with the self-consumption scheme, which admits the possibility to use first the produced electricity and to feed only residual amounts in a row. This increases even more the remuneration for the provided Amount of energy from the photovoltaic systems. The EEG (renewable energy Act) Furthermore, a worthwhile investment that is laid down years for the next guarantee the owners of photovoltaic systems.