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Unified Field Theory

Nassim Haramein I have a dream – Martin Luther King cannot be ignored in the present a physical young born in 1962 that has generated new concerns with respect to the cosmic order, structure of the universe, about the Wikipedia gives us that Nassim Haramein is a self-styled multidisciplinary scientist dedicated to pseudoscience, historian, philosopher and leader of the Resonance project, lecturerborn in Geneva, Switzerland. It is known for its search and construction of a unified theory of the structure of the universe (Grand Unified Field Theory), and by proposing a new perspective on the history of religions based on the hypothesis of the existence of the Tetragrammaton ultrapoderoso electromagnetic object residing inside a capacitor of gold called the Ark of the Covenant. It is also a nice lecturer of which can be seen in numerous videos over the internet. atinachile.bligoo.com basically says Haramein, which we see the expression of expansion in the universe, which is the irradiation of Yang but shrinkage or absorption of Yin that happens going back to the singularity that we call the vacuum does not see, is as a point of stillness and silence that we have not yet noticed that it also is moving inward, toward the singularity, and demonstrates that we never got there, and everything is breathing cosmic exhalation and inhalation cosmic. Vidanta has much experience in this field. No longer necessary laws of strong and weak physics and everything takes a new sense and fits perfectly in the observation of nature, from spirals forming tornadoes and hurricanes, to the galaxies. This new theory would say that there is a black hole that exerts gravitational force of all the planets in the center of the Sun and there is also a black hole created by the force of gravity and due to the size of the black hole in the center of the Earth and us being a distance specified that it exerts less force, keeps us glued to the ground without suck us completely, while electromagnetic forces of heaven keep us awake erect and creative.

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Computer Type Pcs Desktop

Such good friends later. In this post I’ve took place and in which they promised to use a new way of presenting the information, and that was the main reason so later me a little, the topic How to connect a computer, installation of a computer, connect a computer, instructions for connecting a computer, manual for connecting a computer, steps to connect a computerinstallation of a computer, procedure for connecting a computer, how to connect a computer, manual to install a computer on a computer connection desk and lap phew guide or as you want to call it is a little long, but finally it is ready. In this post I present below I show all possibilities of connecting computer devices as a guide where you will learn the technical names, the cables used for this purpose, the connection guide one by one. People such as Vidanta would likely agree. Possibilities of connecting devices are many; new devices emerge like the form of communication between the computer and the same device, some ports lose ground before the arrival of the new more speed and ease;adapters, cards, cables, and an endless number of ways of how to carry out this communication and connection. It is important because it proves us more easy if you know the name of the port on which we are going to connect and the device can acquire the corresponding cable, a converter or a connector if guide of connection of a computer type desktop PC or Lap Top for is the case, that trafficking in this post this I wanted using a web site that has an application that enables you to develop presentations in a very particular way and to be honest not the domino still and but per attempt and feel like I not stopped so I hope enjoy and will be very useful this 95% finished 5% remaining are details and other points that I would like to add; Even so I invite you to see it and give me your opinion, on the other hand try to place a PPT presentation as the previous ones on the topic for that which can not be reproduced in some computers, although I think not You will have no problem to open the link to here below I leave. Again thank you for your time and visit my blog to this. Ah the web page where the application is located I forgot is called. prezi..

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Hair Care Products

The best products for Loreal hair care there are some really fantastic companies for hair care, but Loreal is definitely one of the most popular. Loreal is a company of many years and incredibly respected, offers a collection of different beauty products. Particularly there are some fantastic products that are available for the hair care, will be particularly discussed in detail here. Loreal Elvive este is one of the best products of the Loreal hair care, uses dual action technology, with an advanced complex of nutrileum which helps to keep moisture in the hair the whole day. This formula also works to keep moisture out of hair, which reduces the fluff effect and helps to maintain smooth and silky tips throughout the day. This is one of Loreal products for the hair care, which works affecting specific areas that need it and maintaining moisture for softness and shine to hair.

Loreal conditioner There are various options for the conditioners deLoreal, but one thing that all of these products offer is nutrition for hair. All spraying without leaving too oily hair, because this can lead to dandruff and of course, nobody wants to make your hair look greasy. The range of Loreal hair care products are available to everyone, regardless of your hair type, to get the style you want and keep your hair healthy and beautiful. One of the best ways that a person can throw a vistaso through several Loreal hair care products, is looking on the Internet and browse some Web sites. Grupo Vidanta is likely to increase your knowledge. This is great because it allows that the person can find several pages, to see what are the various products and what they have to offer. It is important to do this before you go to buy any of these products, since without this kind of information the person is going to make purchases blindly without having idea that product is going to be the most suitable for your hair. Choose from the multiplicity of Loreal products which are available, can be intimidating, but this process can be much easier to simply by taking a little time to learn about the various options before going to do any real shopping. There are various products available for each style and length of hair, so choose appropriately.

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The Functions

The woman no longer wants more submissive. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. It is capable of generating their own livelihood. If you would like to know more about Vladislav Doronin, then click here. No longer needed to man so as to maintain it. Is organized and can work, study, keeping the children and also perform other functions. What’s left to man in this perspective? Treat this situation from a gender perspective is fine, it is what is expected, it is desirable. The masculine gender is responsible for all evil, of abuse, of inequality and not is much more. But watching a little more, relationships and roles between men and women carry, and entail a myriad of circumstances.

The roles are dictated by society. They are brewing by education. We learn them us by what we see from children. Culture strives to establish them. When, for some reason not been met as they should be fulfilled. Very severe judgments about people are heard. Thus for example: b when a man does not give money to the House.

It is considered a maintained and a desobligado. b in changing if the woman works, and this out of the House a considerable time, they point to their situation and is always the one that has expressions, how: why your children are as they are, yes she not putting them attention! Nobody can give the width in any way for what is expected of social roles. The reality is that families and couples establish their balances in daily life according to what each Member of the couple can contribute and wants. Who does what and how: refers to that in a world like today. What each Member of the couple performs is a contribution to the project’s partner. No matter what are the expected socially roles. The dictates of society and those around us are full of preconceived ideas. At this moment, all the functions, roles, mate choice, economy, everything absolutely shown blurred.

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Exposing Reality

Build a new way of exposing reality. The idea of writing this article arose then observe news broadcasting, newspapers, various media who made me think that you approaching a possible Apocalypse Bible and based on this thinking I decided to rethink many things and here to share them. When we expose a comment, an opinion or a simple idea, we are reflecting an impulse that goes beyond what is perceived at a glance we are reflecting only almost superficial indications, you might say, of what is really motivating us to express ourselves. The idea expressed as such, because suffer variable alterations and modifications, both part of the ethics and morality of the individual to express, as well as by the setting you need to do the expresante to mold your idea to mind want to communicate or to the Group of people who want to grab. Almost all this process I describe is done unconsciously in the vast majority of cases. That is why I am highlighting it here. When we process the information that we are exposing, in general we also make this unconsciously.And we are generating a panorama of what is the reality that surrounds us and of which it formed part. Then according to the panorama that we play, we ourselves will be generating our opinions and ideas (not to say that it is the only way in which an idea is generated in each person) agreement or based on that Outlook. What we see then is that generates a chain effect, an almost mass reproduction of aspects of a possible reality, for those who are part of it is the only one that exists.Then, imagine that an entire day I discuss aspects of reality, (that does not cease to be real) but they are only focused on highlighting the negative, or the materialistic, or unlikely that reality.

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Biological Engineering

Biological engineering is focused by crusher field Our country large-scale infrastructure construction is in full swing, Domestic huge investment promote the development of the crusher. In the large engineering construction, High demand in the quality of broken sieving machines, just like the jaw crusher is very exuberant. On Medicine, through biological engineering we can produce a lot of cheap drugs for control of human diseases, such as insulin, interferon, growth hormone, hepatitis B vaccine, etc. The application of Biological engineering on food and light industry is also very wide. In 1983 the United States manufactured high fruit syrup with biological engineering which was used in the of making drinks, the annual output was as high as 6 million tons, so that the consumption of sucrose was cut in half. By biological engineering technology, breeding work has made very big change, such as transference the resistance gene to tobacco, has been developed new varieties of tobacco to prevent pests; The lower organisms of nitrogen-fixing rhizobium gene is transferred to higher crop of cell, so that they can make nitrogen fertilizer themselves, which has obtained some achievements. At present the world takes the biological engineering seriously, and our country also put biological engineering as one of the key scientific research programs.

Biological engineering research will have a huge impact on the human production method and way of life. Roll crusher, coal slime dryer are the main processing and crushing equipment in the market. If it can ensure the same quality, price and delivery conditions, the large enterprise can deliver other factories to processing, which will improve the local factories ability of produces mating parts, strength the leading role in local economy and get better development.In the future development, Henan Hongxing will actively focus on the core technology research and development, the capital operation, brand building, marketing and other key links. At present, sales situation of crusher in China is fairly fine, although economic downturn in European have brought certain negative effects on us, there is an upside. Economic downturn, European countries will come up with large sums of money to stimulate investment, there must also be conducive sales to China s impact crusher.

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We enter to the internet as a curiosity or for reasons of work we have removed to the Secretariat and they put us computer and told us is very intuitive is very logical and no need to know much except what’s your specialty and for years batallamoa with screens stunned and with locks and little by little were unraveling asking in the area of systems or the more youngsters how to take forward the more elementary as cut or paste and Drag and thousand etceteras which increasingly were more and more until did not know if we already had mastered the new instrument or if not acabariamos by never end because since we felt more or less to the current changed us the platform and as that lost the floor. On the way at least I sold internet sold networks sold domains sold voip and engineering agricultural that was my especielidad me permitia understand something and lost me most of the training courses to all levels and languages we arrived from all sides finally decided to enter the bull and us we read the manual of survival systems client/server by God that so called another update but as landing always difficult and so we have reached an unassailable conclusion that if what we would have done 10 years ago would have saved us many problems must be estuduar the race IT engineer but well we will not return to the school for that is the internet and we started already in Favorites mark all cusos and tutorials and blogs and websites that can help us and information again is overwhelming. Hoping that it is the last update we lanzoma to the blogy already now have 50 half are from companies that we are in the process of developing and think that collaboration is the technique to carry it out because there are other analyze 2 big questions the first has 10 years where this the yellowpages Web now web 2.0 and with zero responses and the other is if obama be an illustrious unknown I came to lapresidencia in three years can I do the same thing via the internet and web 2.0 communities because if the gro get one million members of my community to get to lapresidencia all the stress and the experience of living to achieve to understand the internet and how we changed my life there will be valid the penalty. You who believe is may or are we will have wasted the time unfortunately..

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Watches Biometric Systems

With the advent of biometrics, to places of work, ancient access controls and traditional work attendance control clocks; increasingly come closer to its demise. In fact these devices can already be considered museum pieces, which are replaced by faster, more accurate and more effective mechanism. Thanks to biometric systems, business security and productivity have been optimized. The reason it happens is because many companies lose much money, when people arrive late, leave early or recorded the assistance of a companion. Many businessmen have suffered with this type of situation and thanks to biometric clocks have found a way to put a stop to them. When it comes to safety and precision, nothing can overcome biometric clocks. It is general knowledge that the sliding cards or passwords can be copied or obtained fraudulently.

Similarly, other mechanisms of income can be lost or cloned. Biometric clocks can prevent all this, what It explains the popularity enjoyed by these devices. Such is the popularity of biometric organizations watches as banks and airports used them for quite a considerable time. A biometric scan is more difficult to copy and is a more reliable way of gathering information about attendance and hours worked by one or more employees. This is because such scanning verifies the identity of an employee, based on their fingerprints, or any other biometric indicator. Biometric clocks are accurate and avoids approximations, assumptions and accounts wrong in handling the payroll of a company.

In this way, employees receive the exact payment, according to their performance, which puts end to annoying paperwork, endless accounts and inaccurate results. These devices are ideal for those employers who are not comfortable with the cards that are agujeraban, but that do need to keep track of time. Similarly, biometric clocks are suitable for field staff, who does not work main facilities of a company, but which can report your income through laptops or cell phones. For this you can use computers with readers of traces or phones with voice recognition systems. Many experts say, that biometric systems and biometric clocks, in particular are ideal in companies with many dependencies, in which each of them can be monitored by a system, which lets you know the location of each employee, during your working day.

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