Theory of the Contingency Index 1 contingencial Theory 2 Environment 2,1 Tipologia de 3 Ambientes Technology 4 Tipologia de Thompson 5 Tipologia of the Technology the 6 Organizations and its 6,1 levels Institucional Level or 6,2 Strategical Level 6,3 intermediate or mediating Level operational Level, technician or Nucleus 6,4 technician organizacional Drawing Theory of the Contingency the Theory of the contingency or contingencial Theory emphasizes that it does not have nothing of absolute in the organizations or the administrative theory. Everything is relative. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out The futurist. Everything depends. The contigencial boarding explains that a functional relation exists enters the administrative conditions of the environment and appropriate techniques for the efficient reach of the objectives of the organization. The ambient 0 variable are changeable independent, while the administrative techniques are changeable dependents inside of a functional relation. In the reality, a direct causalidade between these independent and dependent 0 variable does not exist, therefore the environment not cause occurrence of administrative techniques.

Instead of idiotarelao of cause and effect it enters the 0 variable of the environment (independent) and the administrative 0 variable (dependents), exist a functional relation between them. This functional relation is of the type ' ' if-ento' ' can lead to an efficient reach of the objectives of the organization. The functional relation between the independent and dependent 0 variable does not imply that it has a cause-and-effect relation, therefore the management is actively and not passively dependent in the practical one of the contingencial management. The recognition, diagnosis and adaptation to the situation are certainly important, however, they are not enough. The functional relations between the practical ambient conditions and the administrative ones must constantly be identified and specify. The contingencial Theory was born from a series of made research to verify which more efficient the organizacionais models of structure in determined types of industries. These research and studies had been contingent in the measure where they looked for to understand and to explain the way for which the companies functioned in different conditions.