Air Conditioning

Not recommended to include air-conditioning at a temperature below minus 7-10 C. Kevin ulrich often expresses his thoughts on the topic. To which the minimum temperature can cool the air in a room with a split system? Usually, all air-conditioning system cooled the air is not lower than +17 C. Educate yourself with thoughts from Google. Noesli you "judge" is even more cool microclimate, then you better buy an ordinary window type air conditioner. He is able to lower the temperature in the room due to the cooling rate. See more detailed opinions by reading what kevin ulrich offers on the topic.. , fly-piece is much cheaper today split systems.

You can even install it yourself, thus saving on installation. Interest features floor-to-ceiling split systems, the maximum lifting height of the outdoor unit on the internal and maximum length of the connecting pipe lifting height of the outdoor unit is on the internal 15metrov. Maximum length of connecting pipe-30metrov (General-Fujitsu h = 50m L = 100m) recalled that If you want to set blocks to a distance of more than 5metrov, you will need refilling freon. What is an inverter? What are its advantages? Feature of the model is to use a special inverter compressor with the possibility of a smooth change of speed, and accordingly, productivity, depending on the command control system. Because of this conditioning can briefly work with increased power to quickly create the desired climate. Upon reaching the desired temperature they, unlike the conventional models are not disabled, and reduce the Loss; cooling or heating. Such management allows for minimal temperature fluctuations and, consequently, a high level of comfort at low .

scheme enables you to: rapid achievement of the desired temperature with its accurate maintenance of energy saving noise reduction conditioner inverter – a control unit of the compressor motor, which adjusts the speed by changing the frequency of feeding voltage. What models of inverter split systems are designed for space heating in winter? Virtually all inverter models are that the compressor will operate even at -15 C, but efficiency of heating they have very little. Therefore, for space heating in winter to use our air conditioner is not recommended. Better to choose the heaters, naprimekonvektory (electric appliances heating).