Barber ERauchkultur

The eRauchkultur conquered the modern smoker markets. The brand name of MioMike the innovative premium lifestyle behind eRauchkultur. The electronic way of smoking caused no stinky cigarette smoke and thus bothered not the environment. MioMike eRauchkultur products such as electronic cigarettes, cigars and pipes contain just nicotine and no other harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide. MioMike is suitable for the smoke in premises such as restaurants, bars and in the workplace. She looks like a cigarette, tastes like a cigarette, it looks like a cigarette, it is the modern cigarette”, so Matthias Mewes, one of the co-founders of MioMike eSmokeSystems,. At the MioMike e-cigarette, a vacuum is created by sucking on the mouthpiece in the e-cigarette, which activated the battery.

With the help of the built-in electronics, the nicotine solution is evaporated as a result and can be inhaled so. The nicotine solution is located in cartridges, which look like a tobacco filter cigarette filter. The cartridge is exhausted, it is easy replaced by a new one. There are”no odour nuisance, Mahato further complemented. We build just the MioMike sales in Germany and abroad. MioMike should be offered not only in tobacco shops, but also in bars, pubs, discos, pharmacy, Barber shops and other stores”, so Matthias Mewes.

The products of the MioMike eRauchkultur represent the latest technical generation. Compared to the initial technology, where still a manual refilling the cartridges was necessary, just a simple change “empty against fully” is necessary. Thus, the customer enjoys a much better handling and thus a better comfort. We are looking for shop owners, restaurateurs, pharmacists, online store owners, but also creative sales professionals who can identify themselves with the innovative product. You will find more information on our homepage”, adds Mewes. MioMike was founded in February 2010. The company operates marketing, distribution and development of electronic evaporation apparatus. These include electronic cigarettes, cigars and pipes, but also complementary systems such as Chargers and nicotine cartridges. MioMike has successfully registered patents, which are cigars and pipes enter the still under development-new generation of electronic cigarettes, and significantly improve the electronic smoke comfort. MioMike strives to bring the new generation of eRauchkultur as soon as possible in the international market. At the same time, MioMike eSmokeSystems looking for suitable international partners who can assist with the implementation of new technologies of smoke.