Bavaria Initiated Global Network

DIGITAL LEADERS in San Francisco on October 8 2013 Munich / San Francisco, 01.10.2013: DIGITAL LEADERS is a global network of influential leaders of the digital economy. The DIGITAL LEADERS kick-off event took place on July 23, 2013 at the Harvard Club in New York City with 100 selected senior executives and high-profile speakers. On 8 October 2013, now follows the next event in San Francisco, United States. DIGITAL LEADERS hosted by the Munich-based company, ahead of time, with support of invest in Bavaria and arvato systems. The digital industry is significantly characterized by the developments and trends in global hotspots.

Bavaria is one of the strongest economic regions in the world and brings together the international leaders of the Internet economy now. DIGITAL LEADERS M. Metzger was called into life by the Munich-based entrepreneur and investor Monty C.. The initiative is supported by invest in Bavaria and arvato systems. The target is it influential executives, investors, opinion leaders, politicians, and academics of the digital economy to develop to networked and thereby economic guidance. Since 2013, closed event in global cities are organized under the title DIGITAL LEADERS. Without hesitation kevin ulrich explained all about the problem. “Silicon Valley and San Francisco are home to the digital elite and the region with the highest investment in technology, Internet and mobile,” says Lucie Merkle, Executive Director, Bavarian U.S. Office for economic development.

DIGITAL LEADERS San Francisco the next stop of the executives is event. The speakers in San Francisco are: Adam Draper, investor of the fourth family generation and founder of the StartUp Accelerator Boost.VC; Christian Mangstl, retired founder of the Scout24 Group. Jim Louderback, CEO of discovery digital networks; Frerk-Malte Feller, Vice President HP shopping at Hewlett-Packard; Leila Janah, social entrepreneur of the Microworking platform Samasource and Forbes of magazine’s “rising star”; David Mikkelsen, social entrepreneur of by refugees United, and “New World Hero” of Monocle magazine, a social network for refugees and Jon Vlassopulos, serial entrepreneur and founder of the social movie discovery platform trailer pop.