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Accounting software systematizes and simplifies accounting business tasks, becoming an essential application for organizations. The Spanish company Altai specializes in the development of this type of software, offering a program with various benefits. Financial directors from Spain have clear accounting software is essential for business development. It is a working tool accounting and tax, which allows to know the financial situation of the company at all times. The Spanish company Altai specializes in the development and marketing of standard applications for business, and offers excellent solutions for professional services with your accounting software. Altai has more than 30 years of experience as a developer of accounting software, financial, fiscal and commercial management.

The Altai Evolution program is directly aimed at the small and medium enterprises in these sectors of the market economy. It’s one ERP accounting solution integrated used conveniently for management in the areas of sales, purchasing and warehouse. Other advantages of Altai Evolution are its speed, agility, and its easy to understand. The learning needs of staff to achieve the application are minimal. Thanks to estesoftware accounting can be conducted management needs treatment successfully. In addition, Altai Evolution has security systems through management and user management. An operation of Altai Evolution Contabilidad erp demo you can see on the website of Altai. There is detailed the way in which this accounting program resolves all the accounting, commercial and fiscal problems of the company. Other prominent utilities of the application are effects and remittances management fixed assets and depreciation, budget items, bank reconciliation, analytical, and personalization of mailings, among others.