Caatinga Ecosystem

At certain moments, in the months of February, March and April. This equatorial mass arrives at the coast north of the Northeast Region reaching the Hinterland, causing intense rains. Therefore, that Half-Barren Northeastern has bioclimticas characteristics as: The average insolation of 2.800 h/ano, with 24 annual average temperatures 29 C. For the rain regimen marked for the irregularity (space/time). In the Domain of the Caatinga Ecosystem for its diversity with ground in its majority, areno-argillaceous and crystalline with dominant substratum. Possessing pluviomtricas limitations and low retention of ground of temporary rivers with underground waters with sedimentary or crystalline basins and sedimentary basins of good outflow and quality in 57,53% of the northeast area. In this in case that, only through incentives of productivity in the region of Half-Barren Northeastern, by means of an efficient state and private intervention, directed toward elimination of the effect that desestruturam the decurrent regions of the climatic adversities the one that are submitted geographically. Whose level of development of Half-Barren Northeastern remains inferior to the discovered one in other spaces of the Northeast Region, as the Coastal Region? It kills, the Wasteland, the Half North or the Open pasture.

She is necessary to point strategies and half-barren action directed toward the progress of the Brazilian region that they cause in instituting some foundations of its socioeconmica configuration, giving as estimated its climatic vicissitudes and argued ecological and ambient fragilities with more relevancy. Also in the Hinterland for the production of biodiesel of mamona, that it will be instigated with the objective to generate the social inclusion, in the reduction of the inaqualities and the poverty and guaranteeing the assiduity of the economic process. Adjusting the territory of Half-Barren as potential producer of biocombustveis, always utilizando of this option to include in practical the bashful ones devoid agriculturists of income-producing alternatives. In an action that it will search to promote the competition of the culture in the region, characterizing the productive and technological ability of mamona for the market of biodiesel.