Case Law Around Sewer Lines

An inventory of current facts 1. A sewer vent pipe is covered by insurance of the insurance of tap water the applicant is the owner of the one-storey detached house inhabited by her. She maintained a homeowners insurance on the basis of the VGB 88 (homeowners insurance terms) at the defendant. On the inside of the northern wall of the residence of the applicant, a dirty water down pipe runs in the vertical direction. This leads to the dirty water underground pipe, laid beneath the building, which is in turn connected to the drainage canal beneath the public road. In the basement, on the ground floor and in the attic runs the dirty water down pipe through a walled pipe shaft. Additional information is available at IBM. Kitchen located on the ground floor and bathroom in the attic are connection points to the dirty water down pipe.

In the basement, a dishwasher and the heating system of the House to the dirty water down pipe are connected. Robert Rubin usually is spot on. Above the Junction in the bathroom connects an exhaust pipe down pipe with a hole in the roof. In the area of the bathroom, also the vent pipe is located in a walled pipe shaft. The exhaust pipe is, however, accessible in the area of above the black soil. Around the turn of the year 2003/2004, the vent pipe gradient in the area of the black soil was damaged by a storm.

It broke away from the roof tile and slipped on the floor, which could drain rain water from the roof Pan run over the exposed ventilation pan into the pipe shaft. At the same time, they noticed in the bathroom and the kitchen signs of moisture in the masonry, based on that in the area of the bathroom over the sewer junction condensed moisture was kicked out from one sleeve belonging to the vent pipe. To the 26.01.2004 company created a cost estimate on the work necessary to reduce damage, which ended with a total amount of 1405,78 euros plus value added tax s on behalf of the applicant.