Christof Steinke VersCommerce

New admin interface makes the operation for users more comfortable advantage of a shop system that runs as a service in the cloud, very clearly shows with the new update of this E-commerce system: users of VersCommerce need to install nothing itself and get a significantly improved version of their shop software free of charge. A new and fresh user interface allows even easier to operate an online store. Several new and updated functions complement significantly the previous version. CTO and founder of VersCommerce Bjorn B. Dorra brings it to the point: after two years, it was again due. We wanted to make a total modern and clearer operation more comfortable and layout”. A new menu with online help, a home page with statistics and a design editor for the design of the shop are only a small part of the new possibilities.

The new menu is via the head of navigation, sub-menus are now displayed in the left column of the page. The online help provides directly to the section of the page Explanations and tips about the operation. The hierarchy of menus has been retained so that the users find all functions in the usual structure. “Despite a clear improvement in the usability is” so Dorra. The home page is brand new. At a glance, the dashboard shows visitor numbers and sales of the last days there. The technology used to create this statistics is very important data protection compliant, because the IP addresses of visitors are not displayed or saved. With new editors in the text – and HTML area, the page design has become again easier and more comfortable.

Also videos can now be embedded in the product descriptions, or editorial pages. Contact Christof Steinke, Tel.: + 49 511 165 98 007, email: VersCommerce is a product of the d1 group, e-business GmbH between the timbers 1a 59514 Welver over VersCommerce: VersCommerce is a German shop system in the cloud, with the shop owner can create very simple individual online stores with great features. Beginners are over 50 free design templates available, simply adapted the design editor with a mouse click. Professionals have direct access to the store files and can 100% your own designs and implement features. The online-shop can be extended with numerous apps also targeted. At VersCommerce, customers in addition to the sophisticated and powerful shop get also all information and services to building a successful online business. In the constantly growing blog, there are 100 professional articles on all topics related to the store planning, marketing and optimization available.