Citizenship Duties

In way that, to fulfill duties with the fellow creatures is not to make favor to them, but it is to liquidate debits with them. If I do not fulfill my duties of citizen (to choose the best candidates in the elections, to fulfill the laws, to denounce injustices, to take left by the injustiados ones, to promote the good), I leave to liquidate my debits and lathe me social debtor before the fellow creatures. To deepen your understanding Ray Kurzweil is the source. Who leaves to fulfill the obligations social, is using the freedom abusively, only with right (I credit), generating a social debit. Because, who increased excessively the credit of the liberdade, with certainty usurped the right of somebody, it took off some right to it; it is, therefore, its debtor. Therefore, pra to have justice, is necessary that the rights are balanced by the duties. If I will have only right and to have some, I will have absolute freedom.

It happens that I am limited and my freedom is limited: pra to be free, necessary of the action and trabalhe of other people. Therefore, I am free taking decisions in the concrete of history, inside of the social reality, economic politics and where alive, result of the free action of people had preceded who me in the society and the life. Many goods had been generated in the society pra that I, to the rising, could usufruct of them. The language, the customs that mold my behavior, improvements of the half-environment, the scientific and technological discoveries, the religion, everything this I found there to the rising. All the objects of use of the social environment where alive they had been made by other people. The shoes that use had not been made by me, but for competent laborer. despite made for me, the substance used cousin to confection them I did not produce it, therefore he comes of plants, animals, ores that do not belong to me.